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The Avenging Fist (2001)


Personal Thought: It’s the future. People are on Hover boards, Mobile Phones are at your finger tips, no really they are! This film is filled with wire work and CGI effects which is some times on the good side and the bad. Yet if you aren’t a fan of the CGI and wire work maybe the cast will interest you; Alex Wang (Chinese Strike force), Stephen Fung (Gen-X-Cops), Chin Kar-Lok (Operation Scorpio), Gigi Leung (First Option) And Kristy Yeung (Storm Riders). Apart from the young there is two classic actors included Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao!

Now lets get this party Started Nova (played by Alex Wang) is an hyped up teen spending his days street fighting in and outside of tournaments raising money for the one thing. The Power Glove. His Father ‘Thunder’ (played by Yuen Biao) supposedly killed a couple year back has left a hologram of him demonstrating the deadly art of Power Fist. Although his mother (played by Cecilia Yip) is against him using The Power Fist technique and is very against him getting a Power Glove. The Power Glove is known unlock the full use of the human brain, fact is that we only use 10% brain power. The Gloves were only issued to certain police officers, one of those officers was Thunder the others where ‘Dark’ (played by Sammo Hung) and Combat 21 (played by Roy Cheung) who turns out to be the main protagonist of the film.

‘Nova’ really called Kong is a twin, along with his Sister Belle (Kristy Yeung). Belle early on showing feelings for a street fighter called The Iron Surfer (played by Stephen Fung). Belle seems to be the side of reason between her and her brother, she warns him and pleads to him to watch what he says and tries to keep him out of trouble which helps in some case and others maybe not…

Jazz (played by Chin Kar-Lok), the cousin of Kong and Belle is the worrier. The poor guy cant keep came when he’s out with his cousins. He always attempts to keep his word with his Aunt Wing, but Nova or Belle usually trick him into doing the wrong. Jazz is quite against Belle’s feelings for The Iron Surfer, but he tries not to let it bother him. Jazz is only really doing the best for his cousins, wanting them to have the good life.

Erica (played by Gigi Leung), Nova’s first love. Now a model advertising virtual lipstick, she seems to have forgotten about him. Until that night in the night club, her she notices him. The two hit it off until her drink is spiked with Earthquake! A liquid drug which turns people into vibrating dummies. Nova soon lets out all his feelings for her one night, mistaking her for a hologram.

Street Brawler, The Iron Surfer. An excellent fighter in the ring, outside the ring he works in a night club ‘Selling Hope…and alcohol’. He knows that Belle has feelings for him and I’m sure he does too. After a freak attack from a masked man and belle gets kidnapped, Iron doesn’t’t hesitate in going after the masked fiend, yet he seems to be no match for mystery man until Dark comes to the rescue and scares off the fiend, taking Belle with him.

Dark, another guinea pig to the Power Glove. The side effects leaving him over weight (In a flash back, his character was played by Ekin Cheng). He knows about Combat 21 evil plans. The masked man being actually Thunder, surviving the battle against others, Thunder is now brainwashed and under the control of Combat 21. Combat 21’s soul purpose is to get the Power Fists technique from Thunder, but with all the machines and all the brainy scientists they still cant figure it out. He decided to kidnap Belle and brainwash her. They also get a hold of Nova and wipe his brain too, but Dark has installed a chip into his ear which stored all the his memory in the chip.

Well I wont be going into any more detail, but this film is enjoyable piece of work by Andrew Lau. The action sequences are also gripping and fun to watch thanks to the help of Corey Yuen Kwai. Yet the most important aspect of the movie is its Cast! This is a alright film if you aren’t’t a fan of CGI and wire work, it’s a great film if you are fan!

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