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Say Yes (2001)

In celebrating their one year wedding anniversary, Jyung-Hyun (Kim Ju-Hyuk) & his wife Yoon-Hee (Chu Sang-Mi) decide to leave the city for a road trip across the countryside. On their travels they meet a stranger (Park Joong-Hoon) and offer him a ride. After a rather unsettling conversation the stranger leaves the couple, but begins to …

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Friend (2001)

The story is of four friends and how they deal with drugs, gangs and maintaining their friendships between them, no matter what lifestyle they live. The film develops in different stages, the film starting in 1970 then leading up to the early 90’s. Joong-Suk (Yoo Oh-Sung) in the 80’s was known far and wide as …

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Rush Hour 2 (2001)

Everyone’s favorite crime fighting odd couple are back, this time travel from Hong Kong and Las Vegas. Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and LAPD detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) pick up exactly from where they left off, traveling to Hong Kong on a well needed break. As per usual Carter and Lee aren’t getting along, …

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Musa (2001)

Plot: A group of diplomats sent out into Northern China, the group are soon led into a trap by the Mings. They have their weapons taken from them and were accused of betraying the Mings. They abandon the group in the middle of the desert ruled by Yuan troops and left for dead. The group …

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