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Addicted (2002)

Plot: Addicted tells the story of a married couple, Eun-su (Lee Mi-Yeon) and Ho-Jin (Lee Eol) and Ho Jin’s younger brother Dae-Jin (Lee Byung-Hun). Thier lives a thrown into turmoil when both Ho-Jin and Dae-Jin end up in separt car accidents.

Both in hospital, Dae-Jin wakes up from acoma, yet his older brother hasn’t. Whilst looking after Dae-Jin, Eun-su begins to notice Ho-Jin’s quailties in Dae-Jin. He even begins to admit that he is Ho-Jin, just that he’s trapped in Dae-Jins body. Eun-su finds it hard to believe, but after he reveals some of the deepest secrects shared between the couple, Eun-su begins to honestly belive that her husbands spirit is trapped inside her brother-in-law.

Review: Park Young-Hoon delivers this very memorable Korean melodrama with a far-fetched yet convincing story with a unexpected ending twist thrown in for good messures.

There is a fourth character in the movie “Yeo-Jin” a close friend of Dae-Jin, she looks like a girlfriend, she seems more than interested in him, but he doesn’t pay any attention to her.

The cast is excellent, Lee Byung-Hun is great most people will already be aware of his acting talents from the excellent Joint Security Area. Lee Eol and Park Seon-Yeong done good in thier roles, but the actress who had the toughest job in the would have to be Lee Mi-Yeon’s role as the wife – Eun-su, her character goes through several stages of grief and disbelief as if her husband really trapped inside someone elses body.

As you can expect a popular foriegn film it will be remade within a few years, this is no expection. An american remake is due out by the end of this year (2007) starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, directed by Joel Bergvall and Simon Sandquist. We’re over the moon, really…

Final thoughts, a good drama that everyone should see. Enjoy!

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