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What’s Korean Cinema? EXTRA – Parasite

Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite has opened in UK cinemas so Kenny B and Paul Quinn sit down to discuss the record breaking 2019 South Korean movie. The main discussion contains mild to medium spoilers and the chat after the outro music contain major spoilers.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro
20m 30s – Parasite review.
67m 11s – Parasite spoiler-notes.

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What’s Korean Cinema? 13 – Chilsu And Mansu & Nowhere To Hide


What do you get when pairing up movies where the still and straightforward is mindblowing and when the rabid, perfectly indulgent is also mindblowing? Am not sure but you get enough reason for the crew here at What’s Korean Cinema? to examine two classic works, starting with Park Kwang-su’s 1988 drama Chilsu And Mansu and in the second half, Lee Myung-se’s 1999 hyper-stylized hunt for an assassin Nowhere To Hide is covered. Connection between the movies you ask? Well if you did, here’s the answer, the male leads are the same. With Kenny B, Hangul Celluloid‘s Paul Quinn and Rufus De Rham, Director of Operations/Associate Programmer at New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) and Editor in Chief at cineAWESOME!

Special thanks to Henrik Andersson for remastering the original recording.

Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Chilsu And Mansu background
20m 30s – Park Kwang-su bio/discussion
39m 40s – Chilsu And Mansu review
69m 20s – Lee Myung-se bio/discussion
94m 25s – Nowhere To Hide review

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Bad Guy (2001)

Plot (Tartan): A tough gangland leader (Jo Jae-Hyeon) experiences love at first sight when he encounters a young college student (Won Seo) in a crowd. With no concern for public conduct, or the desires of the girl, he forces himself upon her and kisses her in front of her boyfriend. Totally unapologetic, the man is beaten by police and left disgraced.

Desperate to see her again, the man decides to return to the same place. Soon, the student re-appears and she and her boyfriend go on a window shopping trip. However, her desperate lack of money leads her to commit an unfortunate crime, for which her victim demands an uncompromising, pre-planned punishment: She must work as a prostitute to pay the money back. And it is the man who fell in love with her in the crowd that day that will be responsible for taking care of her. Read the rest of this entry »

Attack the Gas Station (1999)


A gang of four trouble makers decide to rob a all night gas station. The 4 go in, steal the money, trash the station and leave. Exactly one night later decide to rob the same station again for the fun of it. This time they don’t find much money, so after rounding up the three teenage workers and their middle-aged manager, they decide to keep the gas station running for the night and make some more money. Read the rest of this entry »

Addicted (2002)

Plot: Addicted tells the story of a married couple, Eun-su (Lee Mi-Yeon) and Ho-Jin (Lee Eol) and Ho Jin’s younger brother Dae-Jin (Lee Byung-Hun). Thier lives a thrown into turmoil when both Ho-Jin and Dae-Jin end up in separt car accidents.

Both in hospital, Dae-Jin wakes up from acoma, yet his older brother hasn’t. Whilst looking after Dae-Jin, Eun-su begins to notice Ho-Jin’s quailties in Dae-Jin. He even begins to admit that he is Ho-Jin, just that he’s trapped in Dae-Jins body. Eun-su finds it hard to believe, but after he reveals some of the deepest secrects shared between the couple, Eun-su begins to honestly belive that her husbands spirit is trapped inside her brother-in-law. Read the rest of this entry »

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