S2E7: McEwan’s Export and Bacchus Cherry Beer

It’s match time once again and Lager Logs FC are hitting the pitch with an export-heavy lineup to put even China to shame. Yes, a couple of ailing Scots and a pair of krieky Belgians make our pissed up pour pour two tonight and someone is certainly going to be sent off…what can I say ? The United Nations Senior Sunday League is a dirty game.

Up tonight: We’re most definitely lovin’ it as we tuck into another mighty malty meal with Big MacEwan’s Export and then go roman aimlessly in search of a tenacious trio: agriculture, wine and fertility (I suppose one out of three ain’t bad)…it’s bounteous Baccus’s Cherry Beer. Cheers!

S2E6: Hobgoblin Gold and Leffe Blonde Belgian Ale

Come on down to the Pints of View pond as our golden goose lays another podcast-shaped egg ! I hope it’s one of those chocolate ones, they’re nice. I don’t mind a standard yolk and white number but I feel it’s more something to have on the side rather than a main dish you know ? Like, it’s not what you eat an English breakfast for right ?…What were we talking about again ? Podcasts ? I dunno, I think peas should be able to marry who they want.

Up tonight: Pass the tissues as Wychwood move into Midas mode and we get touched by their Hobgoblin Gold. Shortly after, the sob-fest sustains as we open our Leffers from home (so nice of our Moms to write) and get blitzed by their Blonde Belgian Ale. Cheers!

S2E5: Manns Brown Ale and Diceman Stout

Time to take that right hand road again as we’re goin’ to Brownsville to pick up a couple of ebony beauties. I know it looks a little dicey but if you blow mine, we’re guaranteed snake eyes…although I should really stop partaking in exotic food bets at the zoo.

Up tonight: The lads share a macho moment with Manns Brown Ale and then sample a scholarly stout that’s definitely honour roll- it’s Wychwood’s Diceman. Cheers!

S2E4: Joker IPA and Old Jock Scotch Ale

Four pours and seven months ago, the lads with the logs (yikes, pass the bran flakes) set upon their epic beer journey to bring joy and laughter to the inebriated masses. They failed, but are more than happy to settle for mild cheer and a hesitant smirk. No ? Would complete indifference and a blank expression be too much to ask for ? Hello ? Is this thing on ?

Up tonight: Jokers are indeed wild as we tuck into Williams Bros.’s Joker IPA. After that, we jog a geriatric athlete ’round the track with Broughton Ale’s Old Jock Scotch Ale. Cheers!

The Lager Logs Special: The Boys Go Beer Tasting

That’s right ! Your penpals with the pints of view are back from our school trip to Beertanical Gardens and what sights we shared…the crisp camalellias, the beautiful bittercups and the incredible IPAris (a stretch you say ? Nonsense ! I always start workouts lifting with my back)

Up tonight: Last Beers Watched: The extended, Snyder cut (although I feel our remarks are always a lot more direct) recapping our evening with The Brewgooders – The League of Beer and Comics and their (Virtual) Beer Tasting. Cheers!

Handy links: The Brewgooders Facebook Page, Coul Brewing Company, Beath Brewing & Brew Shed.

S2E3: Boddingtons Draught Bitter and Kopparberg Fruit Lager

Stop Kopping a feel of our breath taking Boddies ! Sexual harassment aside, I honestly prefer the touch of a hand to the pinch of a litter picker…jeez, I should really stop trying to pull during community service but ever since my one night stand with that ultra-tanned stoned Croatian chick the orange hi-vis just does it for me. Wowza.

Up tonight: On our worst bee-haviour once again, we get black and unmellow yellow with Boddingtons bitter. Just after, the barbeque gets beefy with a couple of Koppabergers as we check out their Lemon & Lime Fruit Lager. Cheers!

S2E2: Cobra World Beer and Hatherwood Purple Panther Porter

Get outta our dreams and into our jeep ! The Lager Lads are on safari, ready to charm your asp and purr-vey your beautiful big cats with the finest brewski. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times- it’s going to be a burpy ride…

Up tonight: You may be sceptical but Cobra beer rules oKAI ? and Triple P’s are guaranteed (never unzip after only one sip) with Hatherwood Purple Panther Porter. Cheers!

S2E1: St. Patrick’s Day Special- Hop House 13 Irish Lager and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

The boys are black in town ! We couldn’t resist…after our award-winning pairing from last season of two of the best Ireland has to offer we’re here again with a Dublin double to drive even Oscar wild. Yes, the premiere of Season 2 has landed and it’s strictly an amber tie event but please, no puking on the red carpet- I’ve only just had it dry cleaned.

Up tonight: We get hip with Guinness’s Hop House 13 then embrace the bold and the beautiful with a sampling of their Foreign Extra Stout. Cheers!

The Lager Logs Special: Another Round Review

Yikes, that was a longer break than expected but Science Camp will always come first. To be honest, it took me an awfully long time to work out what E=MC2 actually means but eh, less about boring MDMA-swallowing rappers and more about beer, beer and possibly beer. That’s right- the lads from the Logs have returned, more than willing to give up steroids for a shot at getting back on the bike.

Up tonight: We get Mads but don’t get even…join us to hear our thoughts on Danish drinking drama Another Round whilst the RMS Drytanic hits a Carls-berg and we review their Premium Export Pilsner. Cheers!

S1E10: Marston’s Special- A Trio of Great British Ales

We’re a perfect 10, but we wear a 12…well, I’m more in between a 14 and a 16 at the moment but please don’t judge, my Mom said it’s just a growth spurt. Coffee will stunt your growth, but excess ale consumption will stretch your girdle. And I have prom coming up !

Yes, the season finale has arrived but do not fear- we’ll be back to terrorize the living with an insatiable lust for human flesh in the new year, just leave us dead and buried ’til then OK ? And no, do not donate my body to medical science, not after that Bunsen burner incident in Year 8…marshmallow use in Biology is deeply frowned upon apparently. And bringing your own kindling.

Up tonight: A tasty trilogy from magnificent Marston’s, one of Britain’s primo producers. A treat for hungry booze hounds- Pedigree Amber Ale, we got an ETA on their EPA (right about now) and Wainwright, a golden oldie but a goodie. Cheers!