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Tag: Heroes shed no tears

Podcast on Fire 122: Victim

No Hitler-Cast, i.e. Ken doing a solo POF this week as Hong Kong Dave returns! Together with Kenny B, there’s a lengthy discussion on John Woo’s Heroes Shed No Tears, tangents on State of Grace and The Raid before the main subject of this week takes center stage: Ringo Lam’s possibly supernatural cop flick Victim starring Lau Ching-wan and Tony Leung Ka-fai.

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Heroes shed no tears (1986)


A war movie made in the eighties…

Let me tell you know, this is no Eastern Condors. Here’s the plot; Thai government hires group of Chinese mercenaries (including Leading man, Eddy Ko) to capture powerful drug lord from Golden Triangle. The group of mercenaries manage to capture their target, even with the odds against them. Yet the drug lord has been leaving a trail of clues so his men can retrace his steps…But Along the way mercenaries bump into a Vietnamese general (played by Lam Ching-Ying) and end up shooting him in the eye! Read More