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East Screen / West Screen #59 and #69, featuring Ken and Sleaze elsewhere!

If you haven’t checked it out already, head over to the excellent East Screen / West Screen podcast with Paul Fox, Kevin Ma and at times Ross Chen of lovehkfilm-fame where much of the current releases in Hong Kong cinemas are covered! A few weeks back, Ken had the honor of guesting on Episode 59:  Men Suddenly on Fire…and Under Fire. Talking his website and the Podcast On Fire Network as well as the latest at the time Wong Jing comedy was also reviewed and discussed!

Also, if you thought This Week In Sleaze covered all there is to say about Sex And Zen, THINK AGAIN! East Screen / West Screen went all out explicit and turned 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy inside and out with splendid results! Check out episode, appropriately enough, 69 called I’m Too Sexy For Your 3D or click the poster below.

Podcast On Fire 79: Jackie Chan Special Part 3 (The 90s)

We’ve reached another pivotal point in Jackie’s career, the 90s, and the decade that would define his worldwide status to a HUGE degree.  Featuring a focus on specifically Drunken Master II and Rumble In The Bronx,  Stoo and Ken are also joined by action actor, fight choreographer and action director Chris Jones ( throughout the show. Also interspersed into various parts of the show are contributions from fellow podcasts VCinema, East Screen/West Screen, Joey Leung of Terracotta Distribution plus past guests Brian Kirby ( and author John Kreng who all share their thoughts on favourite Jackie Chan movie of the 90s.

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