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Cine-Asia DVD/BR Release Details!

Finally the UK Audience can get rid of thier Miramax DVDs of “Jet Li’s Fist of Legend” and look forward to the DVD/Blu Ray release Gordon Chans (not YPW) Fist of Legend.

Cine-Asia are releasing the movie via their partnership with Dragon Dynasty, so the specials are identical to the US Region 1 release, although the UK release does come with better cover art and BLU RAY!

Fist Of Legend (cert. tbc) will be released on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£24.99) by Cine Asia on22nd March 2010.

Special Features include:

Audio commentary by Hong Kong Cinema expert Bey Logan; ‘The Man Behind The Legend’ – an exclusive interview with director Gordon Chan; ‘Brothers In Arms’ – an exclusive interview with kung fu impresario Chin Siu-ho; ‘The Way Of The Warrior’ – an exclusive interview with Japanese action legend Kurata Yasuaki; ‘The School Of Hard Knocks’ – a screen fighting seminar at the celebrated Kurata Action School; a look at ‘Fist Of Legend’ with director Brett Ratner and critic Elvis Mitchell; deleted scenes gallery; trailer gallery; DTS HD MA English 5.1 audio (Blu-ray); Dolby Digital Cantonese 2.0 Stereo, Mandarin 2.0 Stereo and English 5.1 audio options (DVD); optional English subtitles.

UK DVD/BR Release; The Shinjuku Incident + Kill Zone

Cine-Asia have released details and artwork on two big projects coming our way. The Shinjuku Incident is due for release on February 22nd on DVD (R.R.P. £17.99) and Blu-Ray (R.R.P. £24.99). Special Features include;

Making of; behind the scenes featurettes; extended and deleted scenes; trailer gallery; interview gallery (Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu, Xu Jinglei, Masaya Kato, Naoto Takenata, Chin Kar Lok [E.d. Note; WOO HOO!], Pater Kam Pau-Tat); Dolby Digital original language 2.0 and 5.1, plus English 5.1 audio tracks (DVD); DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 original language and 5.1 English, plus Dolby Digital original language 2.0 audio tracks (Blu-ray).

Wilson Yips Mega Blockbuster Kill Zone (AKA Killzone, AKA Sha Po Lang) is getting a UK Release on the 8th March on DVD (R.R.P. £17.99) and Blu-Ray (R.R.P. £24.99). Special Features include;

Audio commentary by Hong Kong Cinema expert Bey Logan; promotional gallery; ‘Kill Zone: The Making Of’ documentary; Behind The Scenes – Anatomy of a Scene; ‘Alleycats’ (with optional Bey Logan commentary); ‘Challenge of the Masters’ (with optional Bey Logan commentary; Interview Gallery (Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Wilson Yip, Jacky Wu); Dolby Digital Cantonese and English 5.1 audio options (DVD); DTS HD MA Cantonese 5.1 and DTS HD MA English 5.1 audio options (Blu-ray); optional English subtitles.

More exciting releases from Cine-Asia/Dragon Dynasty. I know I’ll be picking up The Shinjuku Incident!

DD/CA: Fist of Legend art (+ Future CA Release)

FistofLegendwebWe spoke about this a few weeks back the partnership between Dragon Dynasty & Cine-Asia and this is the first sign that the wheels are in motion. The artwork for Fist of Legend: 2 Disc Ultimate Edition seems to be first on the cards. We don’t have any idea on what special features it will have, maybe it will have the same features from the Dragon Dynasty release.

When looking for details about the release on Cine-Asia website, I noticed that Cine-Asia have got the rights and are planning on releasing; Connected (Louis Koo), The Raging Phoenix (the next movie from Chocolate star Jeeja Yanin) and The Vanquisher, Vanquisher was brought to our attention upon Mike Banners discussion on POF56.

With these releases lined up, it’s easy to say that Cine-Asia really is the leading company when it comes to releasing Asian Cinema WORLDWIDE!

Podcast on Fire 63: An Evening with Stoo & Jim

teaandbLooks lovely eh? Get’s me in the Christmas mood!

When the Magnificent Trio went to form @ POF HQ, it turned out it was just Stoo! So Stoo enlisted James Aylmore as guest host the show for a change! It turns out that Ken’s chasing Kaiju and Mike was catching up on some homework. Cheeky Buggers!

We discuss last movies watched, which turns into a mini Japan on Fire.

The main of the show is our discussion of the news regarding Cine-Asia striking a deal with Dragon Dynasty. Tune in and Contact us!

UK Releases; The Beast Stalker, Love Exposure & Fireball


fireballAsian Cinema in the UK starts January 2010 with a magnificent trio of movies. From Cine-Asia we have Hong Kong thriller “The Beast Stalker” (trailer) starring Nic Tse (Invisible Targets), Nick Cheung (The Exiled) and the pocket sized Zhang Jingchu (Seven Swords).

The two-disc THE BEAST STALKER (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£17.99 or £11.99) on 4th January 2010.

Special Features include: Behind The Scenes ; Making Of; Interview Gallery; extended/alternate scenes; trailer gallery; Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Cantonese and 5.1 English audio options; optional English subtitles.

Next up with the 237 minute running time we have Love Exposure (trailer), Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize and the Caligari Film Award at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival. We have director Sion Sono’s feature length debut.

The two-disc LOVE EXPOSURE (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£14.99 or £9.99) by Third Window Films on 11th January 2010. Special Features include: anamorphic widescreen presentation; “Making of” featurette; trailer; optional English subtitles; trailers for other Third Window releases.

Last but not certainly least, we have the Muay Thai meets Basket Ball! Fireball (trailer) has been quoted as “The Most Mind Blowing Experience Since Ong Bak”, Fireball is released on DVD (£8.99) & Blu-Ray (£14.99) by E1 Entertainment on 18th January 2010. Prior to its DVD release the film will be showing at selected cinemas throughout the UK, courtesy of Premiere Films, from 8th January 2010.

Dragon Dynasty UK not dead yet! (updated)

Looks dead, but it's not...yeah I'm suprised too

Remember when Hong Kong Legends closed down and set up over there in the states with the title “Dragon Dynasty“. Dragon Dynasty was the brains behind Hong Kong Legends combined with The Weinstein Company and started re-releasing all the Jet Li flicks as well as half a dozen Shaw Brother flicks and a bunch of recent triad thrillers etc.

Caught up are we? Click bellow to read the full article Read More

Ip Man released this Month!

Ip Man DVD sleeve

Cine-Asia prepare for their next big DVD Release this month. Already playing in selected cinemas across the United Kingdom, Ip Man (Winner of Best Picture & Best Action Choreography at the 2009 HKFAs) starring Donnie Yen (fan favorite!), Simon Yam (Election & The Sparrow) and Fan Siu-Wong (Righting Wrongs & The Story of Ricky) and directed by Wilson Yip (Dragon Tiger Gate and Bullets over Summer) will most likely be CA’s most popular DVD Release this year.

Being released on two disc DVD (RRP of £15.99) and single disc Blu-Ray (RRP of £19.99) on 26th October.

Special Features include: Trailer Gallery; Interview Gallery; “Making Of” Gallery; Location/Set Design Gallery; Gala Premiere footage; Deleted Scenes Gallery; Cantonese 2.0 and 5.1 (with English subtitles) audio options; Cine Asia trailers.

We’ve spoke about the movie on several occasions on our show as well as a STFU written about it’s awesome fight scenes. If they are not enough for you, check out the awesome trailer here.