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Dragon Dynasty UK not dead yet! (updated)

Looks dead, but it's not...yeah I'm suprised too

Remember when Hong Kong Legends closed down and set up over there in the states with the title “Dragon Dynasty“. Dragon Dynasty was the brains behind Hong Kong Legends combined with The Weinstein Company and started re-releasing all the Jet Li flicks as well as half a dozen Shaw Brother flicks and a bunch of recent triad thrillers etc.

Caught up are we? Click bellow to read the full article

Now with the UK Asian Cinema DVD Market dwindling Dragon Dynasty reached out to Momentum Pictures to release  some of their US Shaw Brother releases, so we got The 36th Chamber of Shaolin and King Boxer. That was it, we then heard sweet nothings since then.

So after receiving a message via FaceBook, Dragon Dynasty have struck a deal with Cine-Asia, Cine-Asia are responsable for releasing some great DVDs/Blu-Rays of Asian Cinema hits more recently; Ip Man, House of Fury, The Myth AND Kung Fu Dunk! The Quote;

Continuing its passion and dedication to provide outstanding Asian Cinema to British audiences, Cine-Asia is proud to announce the signing of a distribution deal with The Weinstein Company: owner of Dragon Dynasty.

Check out the cine-asia website for more on this fantastic news and titles heading the UK’s way!

So yeah that could be cool, but are we just going to get a few more Shaw Brother titles or are we getting all these re-releases of Jet Li movies? Anyway, what do you think? post a comment f*cker!

[UPDATE 26/11/09]

As mentioned in our comments by Kuksoolrob Cine-Asia have posted details on what we can expect from CA/DD;

Under the agreement, Cine-Asia will distribute world-acclaimed Jet Li titles Fist of Legend, Tai Chi Master and The Legend (of Fong Sai-yuk), as well as contemporary classics Invisible Target, Kill Zone (SPL) and Jackie Chan’s much-loved action-comedy, Robin-B-Hood.

Which is awesome, Importing Dragon Dynasty movies isn’t cheap, but now that we’re getting Tai Chi Master instead of Twin Warriors, Hur-fucking-ray!

9 comments on “Dragon Dynasty UK not dead yet! (updated)

  1. Knetan says:

    Jesus Stoo.. what a way to end the article.

  2. Stoo says:

    Article posted less than half a hour ago and we’ve got a comment.

    It worked.


  3. Knetan says:

    Yea, one of the staff none the less.

  4. Kuksoolrob says:

    Hey~~ i was the one who posted that message on facebook. Very excited by this latest CA/DD deal!
    Going by the Cine-Asia website, it looks like CA/DD will be releasing titles such as Kill Zone, Robin-B-Hood and Invisible Target as well as some older classics like Fist of Legend and Tai Chi Master.
    I’m loving Cine-Asia so far! Quality films, great looking dvd sleeves and some awesome special features, so this latest deal with Dragon Dynasty can only be a very good thing~!!!

  5. Stoo says:

    Indeed, well put Kuksoolrob 🙂

  6. Lantern Jaw says:

    In terms of Shaw Bros in the UK. what would be really great is if CA/DD could pick up from where the ill-fated “Momentum Asia” left off.

    It’s all good news though!

  7. Stoo says:

    Hey if 5 Deadly Venom’s come out, I’ll be all for it.

  8. Drunken Master says:

    As long as we get some more Shaws this will be cool. I like what CineAsia have been doing so far. I don’t mind if they release the Jet Li films as I never collected the DD ones, as long as we don’t get reissues of the Jackie Chan films again…. having said that, the HKL are getting hard to track down now.

    Any truth in the reports that Bey Logan is no longer with Dragon Dynasty?

  9. Lantern Jaw says:

    …and some Huang Feng era Golden Harvest flicks please. Remaster the fuck out of ’em too.

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