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Bullets Over Summer (1999)


Plot: When a group gangsters shoot down three innocent people and four police officers, cops Mike (Francis Ng) and Brian (Louis Koo) are giving the case. They occupy an apartment facing across from the gangsters hide out. There is only one problem the tenet of the apartment is an old women whose lost her marbles. She mistakes they two cops as her grandchildren and they play along so they can watch over the gangsters.

They cops soon develop a genuine relationship with the old cook and the two men also develop loving relationships with some young women as well. Mike falls for a young pregnant woman working in a dry cleaner. Brian falls for Stone’s (their informant) god daughter.

Thing take a turn for the worst when the ruthless gang of four return…

Review: Another Early Wilson Yip gem! This movie is a good one! It has the same gritty edge you see in Yip’s Zombie Shoot’em Up ‘Bio-Zombie’. Francis Ng and Louis Koo both give very strong performances in this movie. The later twists in the movie show a lot more depth in Francis Ng’s character.

I could complain that the pacing in the movie is a little fast, the leads foil a robbery, the gang of four slaughter seven people and the cops move into the granny’s flat and this is all in the space of 15 minutes. I thought if things continued this way the movie would be over by the one hour mark. But they throw in these romantic sub-plots and the adds the extra half hour into the movie.

Being a two cop movie, the two cops are both very different characters. Mike is hot headed and strict about his job and he has a theory; “There us nothing we should or shouldn’t do”, like we should have our phones turned off during movies, shouldn’t cross the road when it’s a red light, lots of things like that.

Brian is basically the opposite, young, loud, lazy and…horney. He spends his time trying to get it on with Stones Goddaughter, he even goes to the length of running to shops to buy a condom, only to come back to find out that she’s gone!

Final thoughts a nice gritty cop thriller which is worth a purchase! Enjoy!

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