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What’s Korean Cinema? 35 – My Heart

Director Bae Chang-ho does picture esque slice of village life of a hundred years ago or so in a rather unremarkable remarkable film called My Heart from 1999. Featuring the adventures of Bag lady and Pot Boy. Kenny B and Paul Quinn of Hangul Celluloid break it all down for you. Includes the story of Paul meeting the very chatty director.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/Bae Chang-ho bio/discussion.
42m 00s – My Heart review.

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What’s Korean Cinema? 24 – Lies


Your hosts take you back to the controversy the little film Lies, about S & M, caused in 1999.

Running Times: 
00m 00s – Intro/Lies-novel and author Jang Jung-il discussion
10m 57s – Jang Sun-woo biography & discussion/Lies-controversy
33m 17s – Lies review

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Commentary On Fire 7: King Of Comedy (1999)

Stephen Chow’s King Of Comedy gets the Commentary on Fire treatment (also sans research) as Stoo and Ken tries to dissect this extreme mulit-mood experience coming from the king of comedy. Does anyone want to count how many times we get full frontal, little boy nudity in this one?

For those without the dvd, the commentary is available timed to video, via this playlist link or the video below:


My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999)


Plot: The Yamada’s are the typical city family, mum, dad, two children and a their grandmother. The movie is made up of over twenty different episodes from the Yamada’s live. Everything from accidentally leaving their young daughter at a shopping mall to the mysterious ‘Moonlight Rider’ saving members of the family from Gangsters. Read the rest of this entry »

Running Out of Time (1999)


When a criminal master, Peter Cheung (Andy Lau) finds out he has under one month to live. He decides to burgle a major Diamond Trading Company and plans to avenge the death of his father, who passed away a year before. Peter holds the manager hostage and insists on seeing a negotiator. Not just any negotiator, he wants to see Ho Sheung-Sang (Lau Ching-Wan).

Ho soon arrives and is informed about the situation. When negotiating with Peter, Peter tells Ho that he’s going to be playing a game with him for the next 72 Hours. The rules are simple Officer Ho has those 72 hours to arrest Peter, if Ho mange’s to get Peter to the Police station, Game Over, Ho Wins…

Although Peter begins to sending clues to Ho in hope that Ho will catch up with him. Read the rest of this entry »

The Corrupter (1999)


Plot: Detective Nick Chen (Chow Yun-Fat) is a extraordinary cop who is one of the most decorated officers in the NYPD. Although his fame comes at a price, he is linked closely with the Triads in Chinatown. His job now is to keep the ongoing gang war between the Tong and Fukinese Dragon Triads at bay.

Chen receives a rookie cop by the name of Daniel Wallace (Mark Wahlberg), Chen isn’t happy with new inexperienced partner, but he learns to live with him.

Things start to get complicated when Daniel is approached by a Triad king pin and offers him in on the same deal that Chen’s on, you get us information, we’ll give you information. But as this story unravels nothing is what it seems. Read the rest of this entry »

Bullets Over Summer (1999)


Plot: When a group gangsters shoot down three innocent people and four police officers, cops Mike (Francis Ng) and Brian (Louis Koo) are giving the case. They occupy an apartment facing across from the gangsters hide out. There is only one problem the tenet of the apartment is an old women whose lost her marbles. She mistakes they two cops as her grandchildren and they play along so they can watch over the gangsters.

They cops soon develop a genuine relationship with the old cook and the two men also develop loving relationships with some young women as well. Mike falls for a young pregnant woman working in a dry cleaner. Brian falls for Stone’s (their informant) god daughter.

Thing take a turn for the worst when the ruthless gang of four return… Read the rest of this entry »

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