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Podcast On Fire 269: The Owl Vs Bumbo, A Queer Story & It’s A Drink! It’s A Bomb!

The George Lam Defaming Sessions come to an end! Is George Lam Or Lame? Find out in the triple review, bumper pack finale!

First up, George Lam and Sammo Hung are forced to become juvenile detention career advisors in The Owl Vs Bumbo. In A Queer Story George plays a gay man struggling with his sexuality and we end on a festive note with the rare sight of a Hong Kong Christmas movie. It’s George as a scientist teaming up with Margaret (yes, Margaret) Cheung and John Shum as they are chased by cartoon villains looking for their drink that’s a bomb in… It’s A Drink! It’s A Bomb! With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film Fans!

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