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Podcast On Fire 201: Wheels On Meals & Crippled Avengers


From Hong Kong to Spain and back to Hong Kong and back in time again, for this episode we follow the three brothers (i.e. Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao) as they take their martial arts action comedy formula to Spain and into a meal-van in Wheels On Meals. And we then transfer from 1984 to 1978 and onto the Shaw Brothers lot where director Chang Cheh were building iron men to fight each other essentially, in Crippled Avengers. The Venoms are back and are now handicapped fighters.

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2 comments on “Podcast On Fire 201: Wheels On Meals & Crippled Avengers

  1. Craig Nixon says:

    Great to hear you guys talking about Crippled Avengers. It’s one of my favourite all time Shaws, better than 5 Venoms IMO. All time classic!
    Cheers guy. Pretty new to the podcast. Checked out all the Jackie Chan specials then saw this one was up so gave it a listen :).

  2. Knetan says:

    Thank you very much for listening and for taking the time to write, Craig! I really appreciate it! Hope you get a chance to listen in again!

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