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Fine, Totally Fine (2008)


Plot: When rapidly approaching his 30th birthday under-achieving prankster Teruo (Yosiyosi Arakawa) shows aspiration of building the ultimate Haunted House one day. Although his dream plan grinds to a stop when his ill father suddenly disappears leaving him in-charge of  the families second hand bookshop.

Teruo’s childhood friend Hisanobu (Yoshinori Okada) helps him out by introducing him to a lovely and very accident prone young artist Akari (Yoshino Kimura). Akari works with Teruo in the shop, soon Tersuo finds himself falling for Akari and he discovers that Hisanobu has very strong feelings for our artist.

But who has Akari got feelings for?

Review: Fine, Totally fine is writer/directors Yosuke Fujita debut movie. Fujita delivers a portion dead pan comedy supported by a trio of lovable misfits put in humorous situations.

My main concern with the movie was the fact is that Fujita trying to be too smart or am I not smart enough to get the whole picture. I found there was plenty of situations whether I found myself wondering whether I should have laughed or not. my main complaint would have to be the ending to be honest, because the movie does have several rather funny moments everything from embarrassed customers handing the beautiful shop assistant the graphic S&M Book to the variety of pranks done by Yosiyosi Arakawas character.

With the running time of 110 minutes the film does seem a little slow at times, playing editor I found the subplot of Teruo and Hisanobu starring in their mates movie project to be a bit pointless. Maybe even the scene where both Teruo and Hisanobu sit eating hot dogs and attempt to chat up two attractive young girls only to find out that both of them aren’t that interest. At the end of the day, they’re developing character.

Overall, Fujita has delivered us a fine slice of Japanese cinema with a pleasant cast. What else are we after?

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