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Cop Unbowed (2004)


Plot (Universe): Lam Long (Alex Fong), the inspector of Hong Kong Police Force, was framed and suspended because of his rescue for his girlfriend (Yo Yo Mung), who has been kidnapped by the mob. After leaving the Police Force, Long goes to a small island and runs a seafood restaurant for peace of mind. But the gangsters don’t let him go and have been chasing him for ten years.

One day, a young man, Henry (Sam Chan), whose father was killed by Long for some reason, comes back from Australia and gets into Long’s restaurant in order to find out who the real murderer is…

Review: In the year of this movie was made we saw Alex Fong and Chin Kar-Lok teamed up for the second time. Before they were in the gritty thriller ‘One Nite in Mongkok’ directed by Derek Yee, which showed that both Fong and Chin were great as a team. Even after this movie we’ve seen them teamed up again in Derek Yee’s; Drink, Drank, Drunk.

Although with my above comment about Fong and Chin making a great team, i have to say that Chin Kar-Lok really stole the show! His comical situations where he’s proposing his love to Fong by asking “Do You Lap Me?” or his attempts to speak english!

Guest appearances? We have Lam Suet playing one of Fong’s old cop buddies and there is veteran actor Eddie Ko taking the role as the leading bad guy who still has the personal vendetta against Alex Fong’s character ‘Lam’. We also have a short appearance from Young & Dangerous star; Michael Tse as ‘Lam’s’ old friend, i’ll say no more.

There was one minor letdown in the movie, towards the end the movie there is a rather ‘un-needed’ twist to the story. But i wont spoil it for you, hey maybe it’s me.

Final Thoughts a decent movie which shows off the good side of Chin Kar-Lok and of course Alex Fong.

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