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Tag: 2004

Love On The Rocks (2004)


Country: Hong Kong SAR
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Louis Koo, Gigi Leung

Dante Lam presents a fun romantic comedy, starring Louis Koo, Gigi Leung (possibly one of prettiest actresses Hong Kong has to offer) and Charlene Choi.

Ming (Louis Koo) is dating Annie (Gigi Leung) but knows nothing of romance. After taking Annie to a hot pot buffet on valentines day causing the end of the relationship causing Ming to look back over his past relationships to see where he has been going wrong all these years. Read More

Howls Moving Castle (2004)


Plot: When a young woman, Sophie is turned into a elderly woman by ‘The Witch of the Waste’, she decides to travel to the Wasteland to find the Witch. One her journey she befriends a rather odd Scarecrow nicknamed ‘Turnip head’, she convinces the scarecrow to find her a place to stay, expecting a small bed and breakfast she is surprised to be see a gigantic moving castle heading towards her. She manages to climb into the castle from the back entrance, still being followed by Turnip head.

When entering the castle she meets a fire demon Calcifur, his job is to move the castle for the illustrious wizard Howl. Sophie had already met Howl before; he had saved her from a couple of rowdy soldiers.

Howl has Calcifur under a contract, Calcifur and Sophie make a deal if Sophie can break his contract between him and Howl and he will help Sophie break the curse from the Witch of the Waste. Read More

House of Flying Daggers (2004)


Amongst ending of the Tang Dynasty, General Officers, Jin (Takashi Kaneshiro) and Leo (Andy Lau) are put on a case to capture the leader of the notorious ‘House Of Flying Daggers’. ‘House of Flying Daggers’ is a group of highly skilled martial artists who are significantly known by their nifty little daggers. Read More

Cop Unbowed (2004)


Plot (Universe): Lam Long (Alex Fong), the inspector of Hong Kong Police Force, was framed and suspended because of his rescue for his girlfriend (Yo Yo Mung), who has been kidnapped by the mob. After leaving the Police Force, Long goes to a small island and runs a seafood restaurant for peace of mind. But the gangsters don’t let him go and have been chasing him for ten years.

One day, a young man, Henry (Sam Chan), whose father was killed by Long for some reason, comes back from Australia and gets into Long’s restaurant in order to find out who the real murderer is… Read More

Boxers Story (2004)

Plot: Wah (Yuen Biao) in his prime was a boxing champion, seven years later all he thinks about now is returning to the ring and regaining his championship belt. Wah isn’t as fit as he used to be, he’s gotten himself into some nasty habits, smoking, drinking, gambling and he’s run up a serious amount of debt. Wah is now a single father with a seven year old son, he loves his son – Henry Henry’s mother Susan (Gloria Yip) left Wah and Henry to focus on her career and she married to a rich doctor and lives in a pretty swanky mansion.

Wah now spends his days working in a local car repair garage with his buddy Wayne (Chin Kar-Lok). Although his mind still wonders to the Boxing Ring, when things start to get tough with Debt Collectors and Susan returning to the scene, could Wah really make back onto the Boxing career he once had? Read More

Beyond Our Ken (2004)


Plot: Shirley (Hong Tao) a karaoke waitress leads a perfectly normal love life with her fireman boyfriend – Ken (Daniel Wu). One day she is confronted by Chan Wai-Ching (Gillian Chung), Ching is Ken’s ex-girlfriend.

She tells her Shirley that Ken is a bad guy. She tell’s her when they were a couple, Ken took nude photographs of her. Soon after taking the pictures he dumps her and posts the photograph’s over the internet. This soon get’s out of control when it turns out that those photo’s caused Ching to loose her job as a teacher.

Ching no longer cares about Ken, but she want’s those photo’s back, She convinces Shirley to help her sneak into Ken’s apartment and destroy these photo’s which are stored on his computer. Shirley agree’s to help as she feel’s she might be led down the path.

Together they plot against Ken and it only looks like they’ve skimmed the surface. Read More