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Chinese Odyessy 2002 (2002)


Plot: Set in the Ming Dynasty the Emperor (Chang Chen) and the princess (Faye Wong) both fed up with their royal duties attempt to escape the palace. The emperor is caught by his mothers (Empress Dowager) guards and sent back to the throne, but the princess manages to escape disgusted as a man.

The Princess meets Yilong (Tony Leung), Yilong has the reputation as a pain in the neck, a well known village bully (although the term village idiot comes to mind) who seems to cause more harm than good. He’s on a mission to find a suitable husband for his sister Phoenix (Vicky Zhao). Obviously mistaking the princess for gentleman they become sworn brothers and insists that the Princess is the perfect man for his sister.

Phoenix, to whom is quiet the tomboy is also quiet pleased with the catch her brother has caught for her. Although ‘he’ seems to be more interested in her brother, rather than her. Although she soon meets a wondering swordsman who sweeps her off of her feet.

The swordsman turns out to be the Emperor to whom has left the palace to find the princess. He also happens to fall in love with the boy-ish yet beautiful Phoenix

Things suddenly get complicated when the Empress Dowager comes for the emperor and the princess…

Review: Wonderful movie, a nice wacky, romantic comedy from Jeff Lau. It feels like a Stephen Chow film with Tony Leung leading. Tony Leung is a real joy in this film, he made me laugh on my occasions the scene where he’s stuck neck deep in the field is priceless, this was the last film Tony done before he took upon the role of a undercover cop posing as a Triad in Andrew Lau and Alan Mak’s legendary Infernal Affairs Trilogy, which has made him pretty much an icon since then.

Faye Wong also proves that she can do comedy, the only other movie I’ve seen her in was in Wong Kar-Wai’s 2046, which was also referenced in this movie. Which is quite weird since it never came out until 2004, although I guess WKW started the film back then, he usually spends 2-6 years doing one movie he he.

Vicky Zhao is delightful and beautiful as usual which her gracious looks and surprisingly white teeth, well I didn’t need sun glasses to enjoy her performance. Vicky I know can copy with comedy with her appearances in the 2002 mega hit Shaolin Soccer and Raymond Yips My Dream Girl.

Chang Chen to whom most people would be familiar with his role in Ang Lee’s swordplay epic – Crouching Tiger something…

Compare this to other Ming Dynasty wacky comedy’s this one ranks high amongst admiral others such as Stephen Chows Forbidden City Cops and Wong Jing’s Flying Daggers.

Guest appearances, Roy Cheung makes an appearance as a local challenging Tony Leung and Vicky Zhao. Eric Kot also makes two cameo appearances, both playing the father and son of his character in the movie.

Final thoughts, a great laugh and a pleasant surprise for me. Enjoy!

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