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Alan and Eric: Between Hello & Goodbye (1991)

Plot contains spoilers

Plot (Universe); Alan and Eric are best friends. They share the dream of sailing off to some exotic land and conquer the world. Olive comes from Central America, and both Alan & Eric fall in love with her.

Eric lives a life of the nomads, but he always shows support for Alan. Now Alan becomes a successful singer, but he gives up everything for Eric, who has got a terminal illness. Together with Olive, the trio starts a sailing journey to purse their dreams…

Review: I had to add the plot from the Universe DVD to point out error in the plot. That review quotes that Alan & Eric share a dream of sailing to a island and conquering the world. Instead the dream the two share is to sail away and find ‘Treasure Island’.

Now down to the acting, its brilliant. Eric Tsang showed so much innocence in his character. He still showed a brave face when his dad loses all their money due to his gambling addiction. Soon after that his father commits suicide. Eric’s performance in the movie also led him to winning a Best Actor award.

Alan Tam and Maggie Cheung were also great. Alan showed great faith in his friend Eric in every plan he came up with for example, the Chicken Farm they opened.

Maggie’s character ‘Olive’ was also a bright and friendly character. Although her affections changed from Eric to Alan quite quickly!

There is also notable roles from both Blacky Ko (fisherman) and Barry Wong (cafe owner and bad singer).

Eric Tsang does it once again by leaving me with a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. Other performances like; Gen X-Cops, Infernal Affairs 2 and It Had To Be You! Always leave me in tears. Damn you Tsang Chi-Wai!!

Final thought – you wont find a film as heart warming as this one, enjoy!

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