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Tag: Young and Dangerous: The Prequel

Podcast On Fire 308: Young And Dangerous: The Prequel & Golden Job

Sandwiched in between Young And Dangerous 5 and its concluding part Born To Be King, Andrew Lau and Manfred Wong take us back to the past Hung Hing boys. Played by other boys. It’s Young And Dangerous: The Prequel and as a send off to the coverage despite having no narrative connection to the universe, we then fast forward to a 2018 heist movie directed by Chin Kar-Lok that functioned as a Y & D cast reunion film. Yes, even Jerry Lamb is here, in Golden Job. With Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Young And Dangerous: The Prequel review
73m 58s – Golden Job review

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Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (1998)


Plot: When school students; Ho-Nam (Nicholas Tse), Pau-Pan (Tsui Ka-Ho) and Chow-Pan (Benjamin Yuen) are kicked out school and are constantly being bullied by the local triad gangs, they have no choice to join them. The gangs friend Chicken (Sam Lee) introduces them to Brother Bee (Ng Chi-Hung), a nobale and resecpted member of the Hung Hing.

The boys are then introduced to the glorious sights of the underworld, going to night clubs, massage parlours and bath houses. All these things can’t last though Brother Bee decides to test the new blood by having them attack a rival gang leader – Bill. After carefully planning the attack out, the boys enjoy up having to attack the gang leader with bamboo canes rather than the much preferred ‘Triad Choppers’, after taking a few good stabs at Bill they final manage to kill him, but their luck turns against them when members of his ‘Tung Sing’ gang are waiting for Ho-Nam.

Ho-Nam and his friends barely manage to escape, but the consequences for their actions are yet to be dealt with when Bill’s brother – Sun Cha seeks vengeance against Ho-Nam. Read More