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Tag: Pearl Cheung

Podcast on Fire 135: Milkyway Treasures – Too Many Ways To Be No.1

Let’s watch the commercial elements of triads turned on its head literally with the review of Wai Ka-fai’s Too Many Ways To Be No. 1. We also scored the authority and historian on all things late 90s triad elements, i.e. our very own Stewart Sutherland who checks in to talk life, movies, plans for The Ekin Hour, The Raid, Flowers Of War and powerslides. Subsequently Kenny B sits down separately (as Stoo’s participation was last minute) by himself (Tom’s cancellation was also last minute) to talk Hong Kong’s take on the gimmick Sliding Doors and Run Lola Run also employed. The best and most odd Milkyway Treasure yet?

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Taiwan Noir 3: Wolf Devil Woman & The Lady Avenger

The need for revenge and the crazy/dizzying take center stage here at Taiwan Noir which also means the female directors of Taiwan cinema gets a chance to shine. Meaning Kenny B and John Charles review and discuss Pearl Cheung’s Wolf Devil Woman (1982) and Karen Yang Chia-yun’s The Lady Avenger (1981) while also adding some 3-D fun in the Last Taiwanese Movies Watched segment at the end of the show.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Pearl Cheung bio/discussion
29m 40s – Wolf Devil Woman review
60m 24s – Karen Yang Chia-yun bio/discussion
71m 46s – Liu Hsuiao-fen bio/discussion
80m 45s – The Lady Avenger review
107m 30s – Last Taiwanese Movies Watched

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