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Tag: Kim Roe-ha

Memories of Murder (2003)

memories_of_murderPlot: 1986, set in South Korea two local detectives, Park (Song Kang-Ho) & Yong-Gu (Kim Roe-ha) are put on the case of a body found in the countryside. The body was of a young woman who had been strangled by her stockings and underwear. Both Park and Yong-Gu lack experience in this situation, their quiet clueless actually. To help them with their case the cool and content – Suh Tae-Yun (Kim Sang-Kyung) from the city capital has been sent to help them out.

As the begin to slowly progress with their case, more bodies begin to appear and some patterns are beginning to form, proofing their they are in fact dealing with a twisted serial killer. Read More