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Podcast On Fire 205: Richard Norton Interview


Kenny B sits down with legendary martial artist, action film star, stuntman, fight coordinator, once bodyguard and trainer Richard Norton for a career retrospective. Ranging from his early days of personal bodyguard for the stars, getting into Hong Kong movies and how his career has received a boost through Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Interview: Tsui Hark

We had the pleasure of interviewing Hong Kong cinema trendsetter and legend Tsui Hark (the man behind Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain, Once Upon A Time In China, Blade, Peking Opera Blues plus much more… not enough can be said so let’s not say too much!) who was kind enough to share with us his thoughts on the past and the now, including on Detective Dee: Mystery Of The Phantom Flame (available now on UK dvd and Blu Ray).

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Questions for; Ron Smoorenburg!

Mini Biography: Ron Smoorenburg is a 4th degree black belt in Freefight, and holds several records such as highest kick (11 feet).

There aren’t many movie fighters that are from outside the USA or Asia, but there are only 3 Dutch martial artists who made it to American movies. Ron is one of them, besides Bas Rutten and Rob Kaman.

Ron’s career started after his movie with Jackie Chan in Who Am I? at the age of 23. Ron sent some tapes to Jackie’s producers and got the role, for which he’s very grateful. His career got an immediate boost, and many more movies will come.

A highlight is his trip to Thailand. There he worked with Tony Jaa and became very, very popular and did several other projects.

Ron now has his own casting agency for martial artists and stunt performers.

Full IMDB listing here;

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POF interview John Kreng! We want Questions


Podcast on Fire will be interviewing the author of “Fight Choreography: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue” John Kreng. Kreng has worked with most of the finest of the finest talents in Hong Kong Cinema and we’re getting the chance to talk with him. So if you have a burning question to ask, please post it here

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