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Podcast On Fire 186: The Dynasty Report – That Demon Within & Hungry Ghost Ritual

pof186 The Dynasty Report this time pairs up Kenny B, Paul Fox and Dr. David Lam for a look at recent Hong Kong cinema discussed by those who actually watches it (this does not include Kenny B). Dante Lam's That Demon Within (starring Daniel Wu and Nick Cheung) as well as Cheung's directorial debut Hungry Ghost Ritual is therefore discussed and reviewed. Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire@sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed. Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at We are also featured on All Things Film, a collection of like minded Film, Cinema, TV, Geek and Cult Podcasts. Show Links: Podcast On Fire at Stitcher Sleazy K's Video All Things Film ESWS SPRINGTIME SPECIAL 2013: PASSION ISLAND Podcast On Fire 182: Dante Lam, Nick Cheung & Unbeatable Roundtable It Was Only A Pound - Podcast The Trashy Trio - Podcast

Podcast On Fire 184: The Dynasty Report – Overheard 3, Z Storm & The Great Hypnotist

01 Let's get experimental! Seeing as I enjoy the company of my co-host so much and he's got an advantage of following current Hong Kong cinema due to being IN Hong Kong (and sits on a wealth of knowledge about its current status, its players), I thought this episode would serve as an experiment, a test run of me, Kenny B, interviewing my guest about some of the latest releases. Meaning I haven't had a chance to see, I couldn't see nor wanted to see possibly but hey, at least the spotlight is away from me for once and onto Paul Fox. Who brings us his Hong Kong cinema June and July picks in the form of Overheard 3, Z Storm and The Great Hypnotist. Michael Wong gets mentioned many times. Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire@sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed. Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at We are also featured on All Things Film, a collection of like minded Film, Cinema, TV, Geek and Cult Podcasts. Show Links: Podcast On Fire at Stitcher Sleazy K's Video All Things Film Talk Without Rhythm - Podcast Daily Grindhouse - Podcast

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No RX Toprol, The so far quite much beloved Tom On Fire segment returns in a big bad way as Tom brings the following topics to the table that you can follow along with and discuss at home:

*How, as we've got older and our tastes for cinema in general have changed has this changed the way we approach Asian cinema.

*Do we feel in anyway certain performers or directors get TOO much attention in the West, Toprol canada, Toprol usa, or too much attention from fans in general .

Also featuring a possibly controversial review of The Raid: Redemption, 40mg Toprol, 100mg Toprol, Daniel Wu and Kevin Spacey as superheroes and Kenny B watched a Korean movie.

Contact the show via email at podcastonfire at, Toprol paypal, 500mg Toprol, on our Facebook page and Facebook group (NEW) or Twitter (@podcastonfire, @sogoodreviews) and SUBSCRIBE to our iTunes feed, 750mg Toprol. 1000mg Toprol, Music courtesy of Brian Kirby ( whose awesome clothing line you can find at

Show Links:

Podcast On Fire at Stitcher
Sleazy K's Video
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Young and Dangerous: Hung Hing in depth…

This is hopefully the first Young & Dangerous article to those who haven't the slightest clue about this amazing series of table tossing triads and reoccurring nemeses. Yes everything from triad lackey Chan Ho-Nam to the legendary nose picker - Tai Fai is explained here. Quoted as “A Better Tomorrow for the nineties” Young and Dangerous was originally based on popular Manga comics entitled “Teddy Boy” written by Kau Man. The comics  are about a group of young students joining the Hung Hing triad society and their perilous and exhilarating stories of lust, betrayal and gang warfare from Hong Kong’s criminal world. With Stormriders director Andrew Lau at the helm he released "Young & Dangerous" in January 1996. The leading role of Chan Ho-Nam was played by the long haired fresh faced actor Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin (Twins Effect, Legend of Zu). Playing across from Ekin is Jordan Chan (Initial D, Throwdown) as the sexaholic Chicken (Chicken also being a Cantonese slang term for prostitute). The three other members of the group are Yee (Stormriders actor Michael Tse), Chou-Pan (The Blade actor Jason Chu) and his younger bother - Pou-Pan (Legend of Speed actor Jerry Lam). The Story is of our five young students becoming triads of the Hung Hing society after having a nasty tiff with fearful triad "Ugly Kwan" (Francis Ng). The story picks up 10 years later (1996) with Chan Ho-Nam still holding an iron grudge against Kwan. Leading characters Chan Ho-Nam and Chicken find their friendship ruined when Ho-Nam is drugged and ends up sleeping with Chickens girlfriend. Chicken leaves Hong Kong for good. In Young and Dangerous part II film explains you what happened to Chicken when he left Hong Kong and traveled to Taiwan. He is reuniting with his cousin Darky (played by the late great Blacky Ko). In Taiwan he makes some friends and creates some new enemies. The original gang is introduced to a new member of their group – Banana Skin. He bares a striking resemblance to Chou-Pan and the nose picking Tai Fai (Played by Anthony Wong).

Young & Dangerous: The Prequel

With the series new an end after the compelling and exciting “Born to Be King”, Andrew Lau took a step back and decided to film a prequel with another young fresh faced cast (actually being the first movie for half of the leading cast) introducing Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse, Benjamin Yuen, Yu Ka-Ho etc. They reenact the opening sequence of the original Young & Dangerous where Chan Ho-Nam gets treated to a Coke from Ugly Kwan (Francis Ng even returns to play the brief part). After the incident the movie continues and shows are a darker side to the characters of the popular series. A full review of the movie can be found here.

Young and Dangerous leading cast

Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin

Character: 1 - Chan Ho-Nam (on 8 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born to Be King, Those Were the Days (cameo appearance) & Portland Street Blues (cameo appearance) Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 3 & Born To Be King Jordan Chan Siu-Chun

Character: 1 - 'Chicken' (on 7 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-4, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues (cameo appearance) Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 4 & Born To Be King Jerry Lamb Hui-Fung Character: 1 - Pou-Pan (on 8 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5 Michael Tse Tin-Wah Character: 2 - Yee (on 5 occasions) & Michael (on 1 occasion) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-4, Born To Be King & Those Were the Days Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 4 Jason Chu Wing-Tong Character: 3 - Chou-Pan (on 1 occasion), Banana Skin (on 4 occasions) & Jason (on 1 occasion) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 1-5, Born To Be King, Those Were the Days & Portland Street Blues Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5 & Born To Be King Anthony Wong Chau-Sang Character: 1 - Tai Fai (on 7 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 2-5 & The Legendary Tai Fai Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 2 & 3 Chin Kar-Lok Character: 1 - 'Big Head' (on 2 occasions) Appearances: Young and Dangerous 5 & Born To Be King Top Performance: Young and Dangerous 5

The Branch Leaders / Other Notable cast members

Roy Cheung is probably one of the most memorable characters to the Young & Dangerous series. He makes 3 appearances in 3 movies as 3 Bad Guys! His first appearance was in Young & Dangerous 3 as psychotic Crow. His second appearance was in the edition in the series as the artistic and intellectual – Tiger, who also has a strange fetish for throwing people off buildings. His final appearance was in Born to Be King where he played the son of the aging Japanese crime lord (played by Sonny Chiba), he was driven to betray his father after he chose Chicken over him. Gigi Lai, Michelle Reis & Shu Qi all have one thing in common; their the ladies of Chan Ho-Nam. Gigi Lai appears in the first three movies and appears as a new character in the last movie. Michelle Reis fills “Eye Candy” void in the fourth movie. The delectable Shu Qi appears in the five and sixth movie. Shu Qi also manages to appear in the Young & Dangerous prequel as Chan Ho-Nam’s love interest, although the characters are unrelated. Spencer Lam has left his mark on the Hung Hing boys too. He joined the group as spiritual guide, yes he was a man of god, yes a priest. Not just any old priest, he was ex-triad (nick named “The Lethal Weapon”), kung fu fighter and soccer player! His daughter Shuk-Fan is played by Karen Mok and is soon beloved by Chicken. She mysteriously disappears after the fourth movie, although in “Those Were the Days” he explains that they weren't right for each other and she moved to Japan to learn Japanese (when in Rome, I guess). Sister Thirteen (Sandra Ng) - Branch Leader of Mongkok, she is also the main character in the Portland Street Blues. Ben Hon (Vincent Wan) - Branch Leader of Kwai Chung & Tsing Yi Districts Key (Lee Siu-Kei) - Branch Leader of the Western District. He appears several times throughout the series. Tai Fai (Anthony Wong) - Branch Leader of 'North Point' and the comic relief of the series. Also having an own spin off movie based on his character “The Legendary Tai Fai”. Yiu (Lee Diy-Yue) - Right hand of Mr. Chiang. Prince (Ken Lo) - Only making an appearance in the 4th movie, Prince is quote to be the leader of Tsim Sha Tsui. Fat Lai – Only appearing in the 4th film is Fat Lai is known as the branch leader of 'North Point'. By the end of the movie, his district 'North Point' (notorious for its Blue Movies/Magazines) is handed over to Tai Fai. Brother Bee (Ng Chi-Hung) – A notable character from the first movie, the branch leader of Causeway Bay, who takes Chan Ho-Nam and his mates under his wing. He makes several appearances throughout the series in flashbacks and other characters. Cousin Darky (Blacky Ko) - Darky is the Taiwanese cousin of Chicken. He's mainly seen in Young & Dangerous 2 and Born to Be King. But he does make his appearances throughout the series. Mr. Chiang (I) (Simon Yam) - The leader of the Hung Hing society. Mr. Chiang (II) (Alex Man) – Brother of the original Mr. Chiang, he lives out in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He appears series several times after his appearance in fourth movie.

Young and Dangerous Movies (including Spin Offs)

Young & Dangerous (1996) Sexy & Dangerous (1996) Young & Dangerous 2 (1996) Young & Dangerous 3 (1996) Street Angels (1996) Once Upon a Time in a Triad Society (1996) Young & Dangerous 4 (1997) Young & Dangerous 5 (1998) Portland Street Blues (1998) Young & Dangerous: The Prequel (1998) The Legendary Tai Fai (1999) Those Were the Days (2000) Born To Be King (2000) There is a sequel to Once Upon A Time in a Triad Society (same title just '2' added), yet it has nothing in common with the first movie, nor the Young & Dangerous series. People may question where films like Sexy & Dangerous and Street Angels have anything to do with the series, but they are only set in the same locations as the movies or feature Y&D related cast members making cameos or references towards characters etc. There is also one last related movie Sexy & Dangerous movie 'Sexy & Dangerous 2', the only relation is through similar title only.


In conclusion this series of glorified triads and enemies continually reappearing from the dead still manage to be entertaining, I can look back on these films and still enjoy them. Sure over time the movies date and the odd performance is over reacted, but heck that’s probably why I love the series so much, Hopefully we’ve enlightened you today.

The Shinjuku Incident (2009)

Every year thousands of Chinese immigrate to Japan in hope of finding a better life for themselves. Our leading man, Steelhead (Jackie Chan) immigrates to Japan in-search of his partner, who traveled to Japan to visit her auntie and never returned. He takes refuge with his young cousin Jie (Daniel Wu) in a tiny apartment filled with dozen other Chinese immigrates. When discovering that his partner has married and started a new life with wealthy Yakuza under-boss, Eguichi, Steelhead moves on and begins a life of crime where he and his Chinese brothers work their way up through the Yakuza, soon achieving full control of the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. Unfortunately for them, their rise to power comes with a price. Derek Yee has successfully managed to achieve something that we hardly ever see, Derek Yee has made a movie about the Yakuza, not a movie about Jackie Chan. When describing this movie to friends, I explain "It's a Yakuza movie, that stars Jackie Chan", this isn't Mr. Nice Guy with the creative comedic fight scenes, it's barricading the stairwell, fight for your life fight scenes. Not two men facing off in a scraping, it's crowds of Yakuza with giant blood stain blades ambushing you in alleyways. Derek Yee is becoming one of my favorite Hong Kong directors, I was first introduced to his work with "One Nite in Mongkok" which also won me over with Daniel Wu as well. I've followed his work almost religiously since; Protege, Drink-Drank-Drunk, Lost in Time and of course the great drama 2 Young. The movie has superb cast a great mixture of notable Chinese actors working alongside recognizable Japanese actors. Supporting Jackie Chan in this movie we have Daniel Wu, Chin Kar-Lok, Paul Chun, Ken Lo, Lam Suet and the lovely Fan Bing-Bing. Our Japanese actors include Kenya Sawada, who is no strange to Hong Kong Cinema, his acting credits include; Color of Truth, Thunderbolt and ummmm, Jean Claude Van Dammes "Street Fighter". Joining Mr. Sawada we have Masaya Kato, his credits also quite varied, other than working on several Takashi Miike projects in recent years, Kato has starred in Takeshi Kitanos "Brother", Crying Freeman and 1998's US "Godzilla" movie. The other running storyline of the movie is a trusting relationship between Steelhead and a Japanese Detective (played by Kenya Sawada) that he saved from drowning, the detective swears his life to Steelhead, although his luck is pushed when Steelheads life revolves around crime. The other important storyline concerns Daniel Wu's character Jie, early on in the movie they discover he hasn't gotten the backbone for a life of crime and they chip in to buy him a food-cart, a gift in-which he cherishes, but it seems to bring him no luck. Once the movie reaches the later half, Wu's character transforms into a joke, the character costume is pretty over the top. I had no opinion of this movie going into it, I avoided most press and I must admit I really enjoyed this movie.

The Shinjuku Incident gets a UK Release!


Sourcing Information via Facebook (!?) Cine-Asia have required the rights to publish Derek Yee's "The Shinjuku Incident" to the Unired Kindgom, quoting;

We are proud to announce that Cine-Asia has just acquired the rights to Jackie Chan’s latest thriller, ‘The Shinjuku Incident’.

Since I haven't seen this movie yet, I have no comment, but I have included the trailer after jump. I will be ordering the UK release of this flick for certain! No Pre-Order date has been set, but once we know, we will post it!

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