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Podcast On Fire 288: Divergence, Rule #1 & Full Strike

The final verdict, final judgement is being handed in in this the finale to our Ekin Cheng movie review series, dubbed The Ekin Hour. Will he be Ekin or Achin? First up is Benny Chan’s action thriller Divergence featuring an emotional Aaron Kwok and a lot of standing and sitting still by Ekin. Together with Shawn Yue at the MAD section of the police force, he chases ghosts in the award winning Rule #1 and reformed triads take up badminton in Full Strike. With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Divergence production background and reception.
20m 30s – Divergence review.
54m 07s – Kelvin Tong biography and discussion, Rule #1 reception.
59m 07s – Rule #1 review.
91m 06s – Derek Kwok and Henri Wong biography and discussion.
102m 58s – Full Strike review.

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