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Tag: 2000

Battle Royale (2000)


This must be one of the most popular Japanese movies released into the international market and It should be. Based on a novel by Takami Koshun the story is about a group of school students going on their end of year school trip. Although the students are secretly drugged and then shipped to an abandoned island to take part in…Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a law which has been allowed by the government to allow a group of students to live on an island for three days to kick one another until there is one person left alive, they are all giving a bag, which contains a map of the island, a compose, food, water and a weapon (the weapons range from a Pot Lid to a Pump Action Shot Gun). Of course the students didn’t believe this at all until there teacher Mr. Kitano (played by ‘Beat’ Takashi) arrives and tells them there is no escape, unless they all die apart from one. Mr. Kinato seems ruthless to begin with as he kills two of the students, Sakura Ogawa (played by Tomomi Shimaki) and Nobu (played by Kukihiro Kontai). Read More