FAS200 – KURT RUSSELL SEASON – Used Cars (1980), Escape from New York (1981), Tombstone (1993), Soldier (1998), Miracle (2004) and Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Ladies, Gents, Loyal Listeners it’s our pleasure to publish episode 200 of the Films and Swearing: A Movie Podcast. As mentioned previously, this episode is dedicated to the man himself – Kurt Russell. We’re reviewing not 1, not 2, but SIX films! Stoo has dusted off the Rolodex too, each film reviewed is with a different guest, here’s the films and the roster of voices appearing in this episode;

00:21:25 – Used Cars (1980) w/ Trevor from MMUK

01:07:10 – Escape from New York (1981) w/ Magic Mike Christie

01:59:08 – Tombstone (1993) w/ Garry from MMUK

02:42:49 – Soldier (1998) w/ Kenny B from Podcast on Fire

03:21:07 – Miracle (2004) w/ TNCAS – Andy Walker

04:00:25 – Bone Tomahawk (2015) w/ Tom KW from Podcast on Fire

I would like to give a wee shout out and special thanks to the following contributors in this episode, marlar from Fiverr for doing our Sam Elliott style narration, Noir Guitar Superstar from Reddit for doing us a solid and creating a track that plays behind the Sam Elliot intro/outro of episode – creating that original track on short notice AND for free too! what a dude!

I am truly proud of this episode and the amount of hours of planning, recording and editing I hope you take the time to download it and give it a listen. I’m not asking for you to commit all 5 hours, but cherry pick the films you would like to hear us cover.

If you dig the episode reach out to us on Social Media; Face, Twit, Inst and Patreon. Hell, even sharing this would be a blast – imagine this being the first episode of Films and Swearing for someone! It’ll scare the shit out of them!



And as always …Fuck Off and Tune in next week!

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