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Podcast On Fire 182: Dante Lam, Nick Cheung & Unbeatable Roundtable


Dr. Lam heads Paul Fox and Kenny B into the territories of buff bods, explosions and man-tears. That of course means a roundtable chat between friends on all things Dante Lam, Nick Cheung and the MMA movie they collaborated on called Unbeatable. The trio also have time to dive deep into views on Pang Ho-cheung’s Dream Home, Chow Yun-fat’s return to Hong Kong cinema gambling, Michael Wong and Hong Kong cinema profiles making Mainland movies.

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1 comment on “Podcast On Fire 182: Dante Lam, Nick Cheung & Unbeatable Roundtable

  1. CL says:

    Great show. Please have Paul back again, really miss his show ESWS.

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