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The Director’s Series 13: Kirk Wong FINALE – Organized Crime & Triad Bureau & Rock N’ Roll Cop


That was quick, seems we were just talking about the start of Kirk Wong’s career and now we’re at what is presently his last Hong Kong productions before a short US stint. Two 1994 cop actioners end it all. First a team up with actor/producer/movie cop Danny Lee vs Anthony Wong’s robber and girlfriend and from the same year, Anthony’s LP loving cop co-operates with the Mainland police force to bring down a violent robber. This is therefore The Director’s Series 13 on Kirk Wong’s Organized Crime & Triad Bureau and Rock N’ Roll Cop, with Kenny B and Tom K-W

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Cecilia Yip bio/discussion
18m 55s – Organized Crime & Triad Bureau review
58m 36s – Anthony Wong bio/discussion
75m 08s – Rock N’ Roll Cop review

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