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The Legend of Speed (1999)


Plot: Sky (Ekin Cheng) is a millionaire street racer, his two loves are his cars and his longtime girlfriend Kelly (Kelly Lam). Although Sky comes against a older racer, Tang Fung (Simon Yam) who is ready to teach Sky a lesson, he’ll never forget.

Tang Fung is responsible for defeating Sky’s father, Dark Tone (Blacky Ko) in a race. After his defeat, Dark disappeared, many people said he got into too much debt and then died. So Tang and Sky race, but when Sky takes the lead, Tang deliberately runs Sky’s car of the road. Sky’s car capsizes throws Sky out but it crashed Kelly, to whom was in the passenger seat.

When the emergency services arrive Sky is arrested when they find over 300 Milligrams of Heroin in the boot of Skys Car. Sky has never touched any hard drugs in his live so how come he ends up with 300 MG of Class A Drug, something didn’t make sense. With all these troubles appearing in Sky’s life, his uncle tells him that his father is actually alive and living in Bangkok.

With his sprit and his life shattered Sky sneaks away to Thailand in search of his long lost father…

Review: A rather nifty racing flick which gives ‘The Fast and The Furious’ and ‘Biker Boyz’ are run for their money. Ekis character was the traditional too cool dude, who ends up messing with the wrong guy.

The films racing scenes were quite impressive, with help of car stunts director Bruce Law. Although I felt it was spoiled at times where they added CGI effects to emphasize the cars speed and I think at the end they even resorted to using CGI Cars!? They also used the method of speeding up the picture, which was also done on Thuderbolt. The only reason I spotted this was how you noticed Ekin Cheng and Simon Yam looking back forth really quickly.

Other import roles in the film are of Nancy (Cecilia Cheung) and her older brother Paddy. Paddy is Sky’s number one mechanic and Nancy has a cruch on Sky, although she’s just 17, Sky just treats her as a kid. Paddy’s character also seems to suffer from a mild case of Parkinson’s disease and suffers from a stammer, Lucky him.

Blacky Ko playing Ekins father was an excellent idea, it makes a change from his role in the Young & Dangerous movies where Blacky always played as Jordan Chan’s sidekick. Yet When he is reunited with Ekin he helps him regain his confidence and getting him back behind the wheel of a car.

Jerry Lam also makes an appearance as Skys brown noser although when notices Sky is in trouble he is more than happy to jump on to the enemies side, but he redeems himself in the end.

Final thoughts, great flick for the fans of the Young & Dangerous series, Biker Movies or all those Ekin Fans who seem to be hiding.

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