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The Host (2006)


Plot: Gang-Du is a middle aged father who spends his days sleeping in his food stall by the Han River, the stall is owned by his father. Despite his flaws his father believes that Gang-Du is a good son/father. Their lives are suddenly turned upside down when a giant mutated amphibian (It looks like a mixture of a Toad and cat fish and acrobatic skills of Tarzan rolled into one) emerges from the river.

The rampaging mutant runs a riot through the area killing everyone in it’s path, Gang-Du and his daughter Hyun-seo attempt to out run the monster, but Gang mistakenly grabs the arm of another school girl rather than his daughter causing her to be captured by the two ton sea mutant. The monster returns to the river with Hyun-seo and disappears…

Gang-du’s brother and sister both return home to morn the loss of their niece along side their brother and father. Gang-Du receives a mysterious phone call from Hyun-seo, she’s alive and trapped in a giant sewer, somewhere near the Han river.

There’s only one problem though, the family are in quarentine. It seems that anyone who came in contact with the monster could be victims of a contagous virus which is putting the town to threat. But virus or no virus Gang-Du and his family escape from the hospital. All they need to do now is save Hyen-Seo!

Review: Now I found this to be a fresh genre for Asian Cinema, we hardly see much monster movies outside of the Japanese Godzilla franchise. Many people have said this movie is a mixture of Alien, Godzilla, Jurassic Park & Um… Little Miss Sunshine.

I have to say I enjoyed the movie, the opening sequences are a thrill to watch, the middle half of the movie fades in and out of interest and of course the finally is also a pleasure to watch.

Again Song Kang-Ho proves that he’s possibly the most talented Korean actor there is in South Korea! He’s given 100% in all of his movies fine examples include: Memories of Murder, JSA, Sympathy of Vengeance, Shiri, heck even his camoe in Lady Vengeance was rather amusing.

Final thoughts, fun film, great cast and probably alot better than those retro Godzilla flicks! Enjoy!

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