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The Corrupter (1999)


Plot: Detective Nick Chen (Chow Yun-Fat) is a extraordinary cop who is one of the most decorated officers in the NYPD. Although his fame comes at a price, he is linked closely with the Triads in Chinatown. His job now is to keep the ongoing gang war between the Tong and Fukinese Dragon Triads at bay.

Chen receives a rookie cop by the name of Daniel Wallace (Mark Wahlberg), Chen isn’t happy with new inexperienced partner, but he learns to live with him.

Things start to get complicated when Daniel is approached by a Triad king pin and offers him in on the same deal that Chen’s on, you get us information, we’ll give you information. But as this story unravels nothing is what it seems.

Review: James Foley directs this 1999 underrated Crime Thriller and it’s a surprisingly enjoyable watch!

Chow Yun-Fat is flawless as the corrupt cop, he also looks pretty bad ass and Mark Wahlberg is also rather good as it turns out that his character has a little more history to him than you would expect.

Andrew Pang, who plays cheeky officer Willy Ung provides some funny moments such as him discussing the size of his genitals and the great line “And don’t be tryin’ to feel any Chinese titties either, ya little pervert!”. Jon Kit-Lee does a good job as his character ‘Jack’, he reminds just a little bit of Fan Siu-Wong, similar looks I guess.

Now on the track record for Chow Yun-Fat’s american movies this was second movie, first being ‘The Replacement Killers’, which received mixed reviews in the from public. His next project after this was the inspiring drama – Anna and the King co-starring Jodi Foster.

Notable actors in this flick is Ho Pak-Kwong at the start of the movie as the owner of the lamp shop that gets shot to pieces by the Fuk’s. The sweaty looking Ric Young plays second in command as one of the triad kingpin. The Kim Chan plays the Tong’s triad Kingpin – Uncle Benny.

The film comes with high action gun fights, car chases, explosions, strong language and prostitutes. What else do you need? Enjoy!

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