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Porco Rosso (1992)


Plot: Marco Rosso was an aviator during the war, but is now under a curse, giving him the facial features of a pig. Now known as ‘Porco’ Rosso, he lives the life of a Bounty Hunter, most spending his time chasing and humiliating the local Sea Pirates (who fly Sea-Planes).

Fed up with the antics of this flying pig. The Sea Pirates decide to hire Curtis, a famous American fighter pilot. His plan is to ruin the reputation of this Pig headed bounty hunter. When Marco is flying his plane to Milan for repairs, Curtis deliberately shoots down Marco’s. Taking refuge Marco manages to fool Curtis into believing that he’s slayed the mighty bounty hunter.

When arriving in Milan, he delivers the remainders of his plane to his favorite mechanic, Piccolo. When expecting Piccalo and his two sons to repair the plane, he is introduced to a feisty red head called Fio. Fio being a skilled mechanic, she insists on rebuilding Porco’s plane. Although hesitant Porco decides to let her fix his plane, but at the expense of Porco’s heckling.

Review: Set in Adriatic Sea’s after World War One. The character Macro when human was an ace pilot of the Italian Air Force during First World War He quit the IFA since he saw fascism on the rise, and he wanted to fly following his own will. He gives up on being a human, feeling in-human Marco becomes a pig and recall’s himself – Porco Rosso. The main reason I’m explaining this to you is because it isn’t really explained well enough in the film, well for me it wasn’t.

I did find a bit of this movie confusing, in the first half our one of the characters Gina, sings a song in French in her bar, now this gave me the impression that the film is set in france. But no it’s set out in Adriatic Sea’s – East of Italy and somewhere near Croatia, Porco’s hiding place is based outside of Croatia. The only way I could find this out was because of the good old internet.

Now I did rather enjoy this film, the visuals are stunning as usual, the story is craft and well paced. The English dubbing for this movie is also enjoyable Porco is dubbed over by Batman! No not Adam West, Michael Keaton. The leader of the Mamma Aiuto Gang is dubbed by the amusing Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Gina’s voice is dubbed by Susan Egan (also dubbed Lin in Spirited Away but is also famed in ’13 Going on 30’).

Final Thoughts? I defiantly gives the old say ‘Sure and pigs can fly’ a run for it’s money.

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