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Look out, Officer! (1990)

Plot: Veteran Cop, Biu (Bill Tung) finds out he has bitten off more than he can chew when he attempts to apprehend a group of thugs making drugs in a warehouse. Biu seem’s to have the upper hand until someone shoots him from behind.

Since he never seen the face of his killer, the judge in heaven agree to let him into heaven if he admits his cause of death was Suicide, not murder. Biu can’t let this lie, so he convinces the judge to let him return to the world and find his savour to avenge his death!

Rookie Cop Sing (Stephen Chow) turns out to be savour to Biu and boy he isn’t pleased. Biu decides to help Sing out by helping him win the heart of Ah Yuk (Vivian Chow), his bosses daughter.

His Boss, Li Kam (Stanley Fung) was Biu’s old partner and he’s seems to be the keen praying to the gods, giving him some nifty powers. For example his super stretchy arms!

Sing soon discovers that Biu’s killer is the local gangster Lee Tang-Yang! Now with the killer discovered Sing and Kam must help Biu settle his debt with Yang, but it turns out Yang has something up his sleeve..

Review: Lau Sze-Yu delivers a delightful Supernatural Cop/Comedy with Hong Kong’s King of Comedy – Stephen Chow. Equipped with the lovable Bill Tung and the grumpy Stanley Fung nothing can go wrong.

Any familiar faces? Sex and Zen beauty Amy Yip makes a brief appearance as Kam’s Superior. When Kam takes all the credit for a drug bust done by Sing, Uncle Biu casts a Lewd Spell (Love Spell) on Yip and she is all over Kam like butter on toast! Yet having your busty boss all over you doesn’t sound that bad, until the spell wears off and she kicks his ass for groping her!

The film could go along similar terms with Ricky Lau’s “Where’s Officer Tuba?” starring Sammo Hung and David Chiang. Both movies have a fight where the ghost helps the lead to do these magnificent flying moves, scaring the crap out of the enemy! Both that probably is the only similarities between the movies.

Final thought a decent comedy film which should delight any Chow Sing-Chi fan!

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