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Tag: Bill Tung Bui

Fast Fingers (1983)

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Plot: Two young pickpockets – Qiu (Chin Siu-Ho) and Cheung (Chiang Kam) are reunited with their teacher, Uncle Bill (Bill Tung) after he’s finished his jail sentence. Usually when you get out of jail you say to yourself “that’s it, starting a clean slate, no more pick pocketing for me!”, but not our Bill.

Being out of Jail for not even a hour Bill manages to get three purses, right before lunch. Although he and his two students find themselves being stalked by the local police captain, Captain Wai. Yet when they find themselves in a sticky situation with the law, they are thankfully saved by Bill’s daughters – Yuan and Xiao Ji. Especially since that the Captain is very fond of Yuan.

Things begin to run smooth for this family until one night when Bill, Qiu and Cheung are at a local casino, Qui over hears that the club owner, Dragon (Wang Lung-Wei) is planning on assassinating Captain Wai’s associate – Captain Tie. After discovering that Tie knows who is running the opium trade in town…

The next day Tie goes to a meeting at the Huaguo Hotel, but its trap. Tie ends barely surviving a bomb in his hotel room. Now Tie is in hospital but Captain Wai, Bill, Qiu and Cheung plan to keep watch on Tie to stop further assassination attempts from the deadly Dragon.

Review: The elements of Pickpocketing, Kung Fu and Bean Curd make a pleasent funfilled 93 minutes in my opinion.

Chin Siu-Ho is great in his movie, he shows off some great kicks, flips, stunts and a dodge perm. With the great action it makes the viewing of this movie even better. I was also impressed with the martial arts from Lo Meng and Wang Lung-Wei! Billy Tung shows off some good moves but I guess for a man his age we would have been doubled for his flips and throws.

Guest appearances? Tai Bo makes an comical appearance as the local troublemaker whose either getting beating up by girls or loosing all his money to Uncle Bill. Also in the introduction scene of Wang Lung-Wei’s character you get to see a close of a young Chin Kar-Lok as a karate student.

Final Thoughts a excellent blend of Kung Fu, Comedy and Funky Theme Music, Enjoy!

Look out, Officer! (1990)

Plot: Veteran Cop, Biu (Bill Tung) finds out he has bitten off more than he can chew when he attempts to apprehend a group of thugs making drugs in a warehouse. Biu seem’s to have the upper hand until someone shoots him from behind.

Since he never seen the face of his killer, the judge in heaven agree to let him into heaven if he admits his cause of death was Suicide, not murder. Biu can’t let this lie, so he convinces the judge to let him return to the world and find his savour to avenge his death!

Rookie Cop Sing (Stephen Chow) turns out to be savour to Biu and boy he isn’t pleased. Biu decides to help Sing out by helping him win the heart of Ah Yuk (Vivian Chow), his bosses daughter.

His Boss, Li Kam (Stanley Fung) was Biu’s old partner and he’s seems to be the keen praying to the gods, giving him some nifty powers. For example his super stretchy arms!

Sing soon discovers that Biu’s killer is the local gangster Lee Tang-Yang! Now with the killer discovered Sing and Kam must help Biu settle his debt with Yang, but it turns out Yang has something up his sleeve.. Read More