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Legend of Zu (2001)


A big budget Fantasy Martial Arts flick with a reasonable younger cast compared to 1983’s Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain.

Dawn (Cecilia Cheung), the head of the Kun Lun Sect. Although she has been naughty and has fallen in love with her disciple, King Sky (Ekin Cheng). The young couple are soon parted when the evil demon, Insomnia destroys the Kun Lun sector and kills Dawn. King easily gets out numbered, retreats and goes into hiding…

200 years later, King Sky is brought out from his hiding when he meets Red (Louis Koo). Both King & Red come across Insomnia, whom has grown even more powerful and has revealed the plan of him wanting to destroy the mountains of Zu, including the Omei Clan.

King & Red meet the Omei Clan leader, Whitebrows (played by Sammo Hung, reprising his role from the first Zu Warriors Movie). King is suddenly struck when he meets, Enigma. Enigma is one of Whitebrows students and she is the reincarnation of Dawn, although King hasn’t faced the fact that Dawn is gone.

King & Red agree to help Whitebrows to contain Insomnia, whilst he looks for a new weapon to conquer Insomnia…

Legend of Zu was a very decent film. It also had actors/actresses such as Zhang Ziyi, Patrick Tam, Kelly Lin & Jackie Wu. Now im sure many people hate this film for its strong use of CGI. Yet its good, I really enjoyed the battles, they were very well thought out. Like the battle between King Sky and King Sky! Dawn battling those Troopers.

The acting is very decent, none of the cast seem annoying and take to their parts like fish to water. It was really a treat to see Sammo back as Whitebrows. A cameo from Yuen Biao would have been a treat but we can’t have everything.

Final Thoughts on The Legend Of Zu, a very stylish CGI Fantasy Flick and it is a worthy sequel, hands down

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