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For Bad Boys Only (2000)

Plot: King Chan (Ekin Cheng), Queen Chan (Kirsty Yang) and Jack (Louis Koo) are experts in reuniting People with their first loves. They have even turned this skill in a Organisation, ran by the three called “Bad Boys Detective Agency”, I think they also enjoy ruining Blacky Ko’s chances of getting married…twice!

One day Tin Ai (Daniel Chan) calls upon the service of this mighty trio to find his girlfriend, Shadow (Shu Qi) who disappeared 14 months. Yet he has no money to pay for them to help him, although Queen is quite taken by his case and decides to take him on. Soon after meeting Tin Ai, the body guard of Yung Yung Hsin (Jerry Lamb) confronts the agency and asks them to find his bosses first love, Kwan Chin. Kwan Chin was Olympic athlete in sprinting, known as the Asian Antelope.

The Bad Boy Agency seem stunned that both Shadow & Kwan Chin are identical, but Mr. Yung knew her 20 years ago. But he found someone identical to her in a Disco…but its not Shadow? Mr. Yung suggests that this Disco Girl is Kwan Chins daughter.

Jack and Queen decide to look for Kwan Chin and King will look for this mystery look-a-like.

King treats his women like Chewing Gum! They are nice and sweet at first, but then he looses his taste in them and leaves. He also dazzles his women by asking them to choose a card from his set of taro cards, but this is also crooked, all the cards are the say, The Lovers card…

Review: Now some may put this film down for its damn right cheesy-ness, even though it plays quite well with the film. We see Ekin Cheng & Louis Koo spoof ‘A Man Called Hero’ in the opening Wedding Scene. When ever you get to see Ekin Cheng in a fight, he’s usually accompanied by some Bruce Lee war cries, which is just reeks of cheesy-ness!

Vincent Kok also makes an appearance as Gigi Lai’s on the video camera!

Altogether this film isn’t that bad. Its special in its own ways. I enjoyed the moments between Ekin and Shu Qi. Some decent action too. So if your in the mood for a watch able movie and that just happens to be there, watch it for goodness sake!

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