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A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990)


Plot: Picking up seven years after the original Chinese Ghost Story, Ning (Leslie Cheung) still wanders looking for the reincarnation of his love, Hsiao Tsing. After traveling to a village ran by thief’s, Ning is thrown in jail, being mistaken for a bearded man called Chow Bing. Ning is accompanied by a Elderly man who was thrown in jail for writing books, yes writing books. He wrote a book about a powerful man and then was arrested for the suspicion of being a Rebel.

As the months pass, Ning is rewarded with a delicious meal of chicken. Yet it turns out this is his last meal before he gets beheaded. The Elderly man decides to help Ning and allows him to use the secret escape root hidden in the cell. The old man gives Ning a set of new clothes and a medallion and insists he leaves.

Upon his escape Ning steals the horse of a Taoist Magician called Autumn (Jacky Cheung). Autumn pursues Ning and follows him to an abandoned villa. Ning apologizes for taking his horse, so the two of them decide to stay in the villa for the night. Things take a worse turn when they find out this villa is haunted. At first they are attacked by a dozen ghosts, although they turn out to be a group rebels. The rebels are led by Windy (Joey Wong) and Moon (Michelle Ries), who use the abandoned villa as there base.

The rebels mission is to save the Ex-Minister of Rites, Lord Fu. Lord Fu is the father of both Windy and Moon, it turns out he was framed and now he is being transported to be executed. Both Windy and Moon are planning attack the officers transporting their father and escort him to safety.

The rebels mistake Ning as the great Elder Chu Kot. Reason by is because of his medallion, which was giving to him by the real Chu Kot.

Review: Not spoiling any more of the story, here’s my thoughts.

Great film, its just as good as the first movie. This movie has a lot more action and comedy elements added to this movie. Some great scenes include Jacky Cheung being frozen. Jacky chasing after Leslie underground. Even Waise Lee joins the cast as the leader of the group transferring Lord Fu, played by the old maid from the first movie; Lau Siu-Ming.

Final thought, great film… Enough said.

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