S3E4: The Kernel Brewery’s Table Beer and Vic Secret Pale Ale

This evening, inspired by my recent school trip to Venice, we’ll be jumping into the filthy waters of the Ker-nal and deep diving for some brewski booty. So bring your scuba beer and make sure you’ve had your shots…although I wouldn’t personally recommend spirits before suds. Yikes !

Up tonight: We’re systematically suckered in by two tempting treats from The Kernel Brewery so get a tasty Table Beer dance and then it’s into the V.I.C. section for a Secret Pale Ale pirouette. And they didn’t even remove their bottle tops ? Rip-off…Cheers!

S3E2: Oktoberfest Special- Waldhaus Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager

I got Pils, they’re multiplying ! But not to worry…it’s nothing a spot of Anusol won’t clear up. Oktoberfest is upon us and it’s time to celebrate so join the gents for our Deutschland Double Deuce and don’t ask Zwei !

Up tonight: It’s nice to frolic in fields without fences but we’d rather wonder through a Waldhaus (I work better with physical boundaries established) and sample their Low Alcohol Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager. Cheers!