The Lager Logs Special: Another Round Review

Yikes, that was a longer break than expected but Science Camp will always come first. To be honest, it took me an awfully long time to work out what E=MC2 actually means but eh, less about boring MDMA-swallowing rappers and more about beer, beer and possibly beer. That’s right- the lads from the Logs have returned, more than willing to give up steroids for a shot at getting back on the bike.

Up tonight: We get Mads but don’t get even…join us to hear our thoughts on Danish drinking drama Another Round whilst the RMS Drytanic hits a Carls-berg and we review their Premium Export Pilsner. Cheers!

S1E4: Tsingtao Premium Lager and Efes Pilsner

The age old debate…Stones or the Beertles. Well hot off the presses, we have our very own episode (fab) four and if we’re talking solo careers, The Lager Logs is definitely the Ringo Starr of the podcasting world.

In this incredible instalment we have some highs, some lows, and a few drops heading straight down the centre…I knew I shouldn’t have worn that silk shirt.

Up tonight: We’re hitting you with a slice of globe-trotting grandeur- a favourite of Chinese restaurant connoisseurs around the world…international pale lager Tsingtao. We also Constantihople you like selection number 2…Turkish pilsner Efes. Cheers !