S4E1: Flashback Special- Singha and Trooper Sun & Steel

Did you miss us ? Of course you did ! Buckle up beer-fans, as the boys are back again and kicking the season off with a boozy blast from the past ! I’m concerned, but I’m sure the potential PTSD will be undone by my early-onset ale-zheimer’s…

Up tonight: We’re starving for suds so will happily Singha for our supper, but afterwards, a sobering reminder of what I had to to do when I lost custody of the kids…it’s Trooper Sun & Steel. Cheers!

S3E2: Oktoberfest Special- Waldhaus Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager

I got Pils, they’re multiplying ! But not to worry…it’s nothing a spot of Anusol won’t clear up. Oktoberfest is upon us and it’s time to celebrate so join the gents for our Deutschland Double Deuce and don’t ask Zwei !

Up tonight: It’s nice to frolic in fields without fences but we’d rather wonder through a Waldhaus (I work better with physical boundaries established) and sample their Low Alcohol Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager. Cheers!

S2E2: Cobra World Beer and Hatherwood Purple Panther Porter

Get outta our dreams and into our jeep ! The Lager Lads are on safari, ready to charm your asp and purr-vey your beautiful big cats with the finest brewski. Remember to keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times- it’s going to be a burpy ride…

Up tonight: You may be sceptical but Cobra beer rules oKAI ? and Triple P’s are guaranteed (never unzip after only one sip) with Hatherwood Purple Panther Porter. Cheers!

S2E1: St. Patrick’s Day Special- Hop House 13 Irish Lager and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

The boys are black in town ! We couldn’t resist…after our award-winning pairing from last season of two of the best Ireland has to offer we’re here again with a Dublin double to drive even Oscar wild. Yes, the premiere of Season 2 has landed and it’s strictly an amber tie event but please, no puking on the red carpet- I’ve only just had it dry cleaned.

Up tonight: We get hip with Guinness’s Hop House 13 then embrace the bold and the beautiful with a sampling of their Foreign Extra Stout. Cheers!

S1E9: Becks Lager and Amigos Tequila Flavoured Beer

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No, it’s just another of my morning drinking-induced hallucinations. Maybe this time that 10:30 magpie to Costa Rica with let me keep my ring pulls…and my air miles.

What’s that you say ? Why of course we have another slice of blistering beer babble for even the most reserved of ear sockets ! Thank you for asking nicely and minding your P’s and Q’s- I mean, toilet breaks while waiting in line are extremely important. Take a number and we’ll be with you longly.

Up tonight: Another inspirational, thought-provoking episode of The Lager Logs ? Err, I’d probably hedge your Becks. But stick around, as second through the gate but not quite over the wall, our cerveza said…Amigos tequila flavoured lager. Cheers!

S1E8: Ringwood Brewery’s Forty Niner and Baltika #7 Premium Export Lager

Can I Play with Madness ?…Well no, not really, Suggs is busy- why not ask The Specials ? Yes, the boys with the Pints of View are back with another show filled to the brim with lashings of lager lunacy.

Join us as our global misadventures continue and we strike another major holiday destination off our brewski map of the world! At this rate all that’ll be left on there is big red X’s in patches of blue (sorta like my old girlfriend getting embarrassed at the swimming pool. I don’t know why- bit on the larger side but she had a cracking pair of ankles)

Up tonight: Do you work on a pig farm ? ‘Cos your bacon me horny…hog fanatics Ringwood Brewery’s Forty Niner and From Russia with Love comes Baltika Number (00)7. C’mon, you can’t drink vodka all the time. Cheers!

S1E4: Tsingtao Premium Lager and Efes Pilsner

The age old debate…Stones or the Beertles. Well hot off the presses, we have our very own episode (fab) four and if we’re talking solo careers, The Lager Logs is definitely the Ringo Starr of the podcasting world.

In this incredible instalment we have some highs, some lows, and a few drops heading straight down the centre…I knew I shouldn’t have worn that silk shirt.

Up tonight: We’re hitting you with a slice of globe-trotting grandeur- a favourite of Chinese restaurant connoisseurs around the world…international pale lager Tsingtao. We also Constantihople you like selection number 2…Turkish pilsner Efes. Cheers !

S1E1: Chang Classic Beer and Trooper Premium British Beer

Rejoice ! Beer drinkers of the world unite- the very first episode of The Lager Logs: Pints of View with Tom and Stew is here to just possibly save the universe. Like drinking ? Like podcasts ? Ever seen two naked men wrestle in front of a roaring fireplace in a passionate display of platonic man-love?…Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Tune in as we discuss hard-hitting, explosive topics such as what is this foamy, fizzy thing in my glass? Is it ever OK to wear the same pair of pants 5 days in a row? Why am I like this? Do you think it’s something to do with my upbringing? And plenty more. Look, we got a whole case of bumper brewski fun so why not join us for lock-in at your new local…

Up tonight: Beast from the far east, Chang and beast from the number, Iron Maiden’s own Trooper. Cheers !