S3E6: Williams Bros.’ Double Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter

Revenge is a dish best served lukewarm ! (I think my fridge-freezer is on the blink again) As a returning brew appears in an ale affray assured to have DC (and even de sand) jealous ! It's a Joker vs. Dark Knight matchup this evening but after all the laughs, will the lads be seeing stars ?...I dunno, but it'd be a nice constellation prize.

Up tonight: William, It Was Really Something- The Bros. return for seconds with their Double Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter. Cheers!

S3E5: Tiny Rebel’s Five Dollar Shake Creamy Citra IPA and Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter

Save the Whales ? I think we orca ! So let's follow our malt map of the Galaxy to the rain planet of Newport, Newport where the Jar Wars are in full swing...but will we be fighting for the Rebel Alliance this evening ? Tune in to find out !

Up tonight: Rebel Rebel, your place is a mess (you could of swept the floor of the tap room before we arrived, sheesh) it's Tiny Rebel's Five Dollar Shake Creamy Citra IPA and Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter. Cheers!

S3E3: Wild Beer Co’s Under the Sun Session Hazy IPA and Millionaire Milk Stout

Wild Beer appeared! And shucks, I'm all out of balls...I guess that's what you get for beating around the bush so often. Yes, it's time to join your favourite Caners once again as we try to on-the-lash 'em all!

Up tonight: We're over the moon to guzzle Under the Sun and then it's Million-hair of the dog Milk Stout to treat the hangover. Cheers!

S2E4: Joker IPA and Old Jock Scotch Ale

Four pours and seven months ago, the lads with the logs (yikes, pass the bran flakes) set upon their epic beer journey to bring joy and laughter to the inebriated masses. They failed, but are more than happy to settle for mild cheer and a hesitant smirk. No ? Would complete indifference and a blank expression be too much to ask for ? Hello ? Is this thing on ?

Up tonight: Jokers are indeed wild as we tuck into Williams Bros.’s Joker IPA. After that, we jog a geriatric athlete 'round the track with Broughton Ale’s Old Jock Scotch Ale. Cheers!

S1E2: Greene King IPA Reserve and Hoegaarden Wheat Beer

Here we are. The sequel no one asked for...yes, I am talking about my Uncle No one (he’s from Cancún) this one’s for you big guy !

Due to the law of diminishing returns you’re guaranteed to have at least 25 percent less fun with this one or your megabits per second returned back for a full refund. We’ve change the plot a tad, brought back the characters you know and love but somehow it all smells a bit ‘been here, done that’...not to worry that’s just my cottage pie in the oven.

Up tonight: British institution Greene King’s IPA Reserve and a little bit of Dutch courage- wheat beer Hoegaarden. Cheers !