S2E1: St. Patrick’s Day Special- Hop House 13 Irish Lager and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

The boys are black in town ! We couldn’t resist…after our award-winning pairing from last season of two of the best Ireland has to offer we’re here again with a Dublin double to drive even Oscar wild. Yes, the premiere of Season 2 has landed and it’s strictly an amber tie event but please, no puking on the red carpet- I’ve only just had it dry cleaned.

Up tonight: We get hip with Guinness’s Hop House 13 then embrace the bold and the beautiful with a sampling of their Foreign Extra Stout. Cheers!

S1E7: Guinness Original Extra Stout and Guinness West Indies Porter

The Lager Logs is back with another night of brewski-induced insanity. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest ? Try two stumbled into a blue tit’s auditorium. Man, this all-female version of the Blue Man Group rules !

We have an all black line-up this evening but hold your tears- the reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated…we’re back from beyond the grave and ready to party ! In all seriousness, that whole death scare thing got me thinking about my will…does Stew get 25 percent of my bottle cap collection or 30 ? It’s one to mull over.

Up tonight: We’re the Boys on the Blackstuff- Irish eyes will indeed be smiling (jeez, is this what double vision feels like? I need to take smaller sips) as this evening we’re sampling Guinness Original Extra Stout and Guinness West Indies Porter. Cheers!