S2E3: Boddingtons Draught Bitter and Kopparberg Fruit Lager

Stop Kopping a feel of our breath taking Boddies ! Sexual harassment aside, I honestly prefer the touch of a hand to the pinch of a litter picker…jeez, I should really stop trying to pull during community service but ever since my one night stand with that ultra-tanned stoned Croatian chick the orange hi-vis just does it for me. Wowza.

Up tonight: On our worst bee-haviour once again, we get black and unmellow yellow with Boddingtons bitter. Just after, the barbeque gets beefy with a couple of Koppabergers as we check out their Lemon & Lime Fruit Lager. Cheers!

S1E5: Courage Best Bitter and Newcastle Brown Ale

What do we want ? Somewhat adequate beer discussion ! When do we want it ? Anytime really. Next week would be nice. Tonight ? Well, that’s awfully decent of you. I had nothing planned.

In this episode, we rate a few beers, discuss plans for world domination and interview a local ant colony…think of us as the Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix of the podcast biz. We like our beers warm, our wars cold and our tangents sprawling and completely unrelated.

Up tonight: A very English scandal…first up, the antidote for all you cowardly dogs out there- Courage Best Bitter. Followed up close behind by Alan Shearer’s favourite brown lady (his wife really needs to work on her tan) Newcastle Brown Ale. Cheers !

S1E1: Chang Classic Beer and Trooper Premium British Beer

Rejoice ! Beer drinkers of the world unite- the very first episode of The Lager Logs: Pints of View with Tom and Stew is here to just possibly save the universe. Like drinking ? Like podcasts ? Ever seen two naked men wrestle in front of a roaring fireplace in a passionate display of platonic man-love?…Well, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Tune in as we discuss hard-hitting, explosive topics such as what is this foamy, fizzy thing in my glass? Is it ever OK to wear the same pair of pants 5 days in a row? Why am I like this? Do you think it’s something to do with my upbringing? And plenty more. Look, we got a whole case of bumper brewski fun so why not join us for lock-in at your new local…

Up tonight: Beast from the far east, Chang and beast from the number, Iron Maiden’s own Trooper. Cheers !