S3E8: Edinburgh Beer Factory’s Paolozzi Lager and Cold Town Beer’s Proud As Helles

That's it- 3 strikes and we’re out ! Yes, it's the end of another exceedingly fair to middling season for the The Logs Angeles Dodgers. You can blame it on the team as a whole but it’s all the fault of that pitcher…we’ve always worked better with pints.

Up tonight: The lads 'Ed in to the Burgh for a couple in the capital…it's the Beer Factory's Paolozzi Lager then Cold Town Beer's Proud as Helles. Cheers!

S3E7: Adnams Broadside and Old Crafty Hen

Smell the sweat, taste the tension...just try not to inhale the protein fumes. Welcome to the Lager Log's coverage of World's Strongest Ale and prepare to witness it all- the chug of war, the ve-HIC-le pull and more squatting then a bachelorette party piss-break ! (Jeez, use the Ladies will ya ?)

Up tonight: They're creepy and they're kooky- The Adnams Family bewitch us with Broadside then things get fowl but we'll still ask for Mor...land's Old Crafty Hen ! Cheers!

S3E6: Williams Bros.’ Double Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter

Revenge is a dish best served lukewarm ! (I think my fridge-freezer is on the blink again) As a returning brew appears in an ale affray assured to have DC (and even de sand) jealous ! It's a Joker vs. Dark Knight matchup this evening but after all the laughs, will the lads be seeing stars ?...I dunno, but it'd be a nice constellation prize.

Up tonight: William, It Was Really Something- The Bros. return for seconds with their Double Joker IPA and Midnight Sun Porter. Cheers!

S3E5: Tiny Rebel’s Five Dollar Shake Creamy Citra IPA and Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter

Save the Whales ? I think we orca ! So let's follow our malt map of the Galaxy to the rain planet of Newport, Newport where the Jar Wars are in full swing...but will we be fighting for the Rebel Alliance this evening ? Tune in to find out !

Up tonight: Rebel Rebel, your place is a mess (you could of swept the floor of the tap room before we arrived, sheesh) it's Tiny Rebel's Five Dollar Shake Creamy Citra IPA and Stay Puft Marshmallow Porter. Cheers!

S3E4: The Kernel Brewery’s Table Beer and Vic Secret Pale Ale

This evening, inspired by my recent school trip to Venice, we'll be jumping into the filthy waters of the Ker-nal and deep diving for some brewski booty. So bring your scuba beer and make sure you've had your shots...although I wouldn't personally recommend spirits before suds. Yikes !

Up tonight: We're systematically suckered in by two tempting treats from The Kernel Brewery so get a tasty Table Beer dance and then it's into the V.I.C. section for a Secret Pale Ale pirouette. And they didn't even remove their bottle tops ? Rip-off...Cheers!

S3E3: Wild Beer Co’s Under the Sun Session Hazy IPA and Millionaire Milk Stout

Wild Beer appeared! And shucks, I'm all out of balls...I guess that's what you get for beating around the bush so often. Yes, it's time to join your favourite Caners once again as we try to on-the-lash 'em all!

Up tonight: We're over the moon to guzzle Under the Sun and then it's Million-hair of the dog Milk Stout to treat the hangover. Cheers!

S3E2: Oktoberfest Special- Waldhaus Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager

I got Pils, they're multiplying ! But not to worry...it's nothing a spot of Anusol won't clear up. Oktoberfest is upon us and it's time to celebrate so join the gents for our Deutschland Double Deuce and don't ask Zwei !

Up tonight: It's nice to frolic in fields without fences but we'd rather wonder through a Waldhaus (I work better with physical boundaries established) and sample their Low Alcohol Summer Beer and Diplom Pils Lager. Cheers!

S3E1: McEwan’s Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer

We're back ! Yes, the lads have returned and for our season premiere will be indulging in some very whisky business indeed. You heard right, this evening we'll be getting seriously Scotch so remember to set the VCR- this is one you're going to want to tape ! (C'mon, it wasn't that bad...you should of heard my butter joke)

Up tonight: It's the return of the Mac ! We dive deeper into Mighty McEwan's back catalogue and take a look at their Headspace Scotch Whisky Beer and Champion Premium Beer. Cheers!

The Lager Logs Anniversary Special: The World’s End Commentary

Party hats...check. Balloons...check. 2 befuddled Brits and 1 sober Swede...double check. Christ, this is the longest game of chess I've ever witnessed...can we go back to playing Buckaroo ? Ladies and Gents, tonight we'll be commemorating 1 whole year of the Logs and who would've thunk it eh ? Not my dietitian that's for sure. I'll start that juice cleanse first thing tomorrow. I promise.

Up tonight: Come for the ale but stay for the apocalypse! Tonight we celebrate our first birthday with a film commentary on comedy classic The World's End with special guest (beer) Kenny B of Podcast On Fire. Cheers!

S2E10: Wee Jock 80 Shilling and Theakston Old Peculier

It's over ! Season 2 of The Lager Logs has come to a close and it's time to clear out our desk drawers, take that browning spider plant home and finally pluck up the courage to send the boss those photocopied prints of our good side. Yes, it's out with the old and in with the new as we celebrate our termination this evening with an intergenerational duet of astounding ales to put Bowie & Crosby to shame...

Up tonight: Too many cooks may spoil the Broughton but the proof is in the sud-ding as we taste test Wee Jock 80 Shilling and I hope we J'aime Theakston (Live & Kicking was a great show, really underrated) as Old Peculier looks chuffing lovely too. Cheers!