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Tag: The Twins

Podcast On Fire 285: My Wife Is 18 & The Twins Effect

From husband and wife to brother and sister and vampire hunters, the next part of The Ekin Hour is a double bill of Ekin Cheng and Charlene Choi pair ups. First in My Wife Is 18 a 30 year old Ekin marries an 18 year old Charlene Choi and then Ekin busts some vampire heads….mainly with the other Twin Gillian Chung in The Twins Effect. With Kenny B and Phil G of Eastern Film

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/My Wife Is 18 review
42m 40s – The Twins Effect production background.
51m 24s – The Twins Effect review.

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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 13: Members Only Archive Dusted #2


Consisting of outtakes and deleted material from Podcast On Fire 11, 12, 13 (available in the Cast From The Past archive) from 2008, this previously forum exclusive and now website exclusive collection feature tangents on: Fatal Move. why Donnie Yen fails as an actor, the dubs vs subtitles discussion, Skype fail technically and a reminder for you 2013 listeners from 2008 what the Edison Chen scandal was about. It all concludes with the epic Ken, We Miss You-montage.

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Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 9: Members Only Archive Dusted #1


Bringing the old forum exclusive Members Only section to the bonus episodes, for this first look into its archive, we go back to Podcast On Fire 10 and the additional 20 minutes Stoo, Kenny B and Mike Banner cut from the main show. Among other things contained in these bits is random banter, friendly ribbing containing topics such as who’s the better Twin out of Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, does Ken have any fan website and we look at the still amazing you tube clip of Andy Lau leaping off stage to aid a fan who’s being roughed up by security guards. You can too by going to this url:

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Protégé De La Rose Noire (2004)


When two new friends find out they are homeless both of them seek to find shelter as soon as possible. Yet they find an offer that’s too good to refuse. Both friends want the vacancy for themselves. But it turns out they weren’t just applying to rent room, they’ve become the two latest assistants of Rose…

First of is Gillian (Gillian Chung) a very intelligent college student, who’s introduction shows a lot of her character. With her beating up her tutor after he called her by her full name, let me tell you know it’s a ‘No No’. So she decides to go home…

Charlene (Charlene Choi) is a bright pink jelly like alien, who is one of many other identical blobby-like aliens. She has been sent to earth as a teenager to study humans and how they live. At first she lived in home for pregnant women with no families. But after many pregnancy tests they finally booted her out. Charlene begins looking around for a home…

Yet Gillians family home turns out to be the same home Charlene is looking for, since Gillians family moved out long ago without telling her.

Both Gillian and Charlene meets a chatty taxi driver (who hasn’t?) called Jim Lo (Ekin Cheng). But they love to call him J.Lo, after the two friends’ cause Jim to crack the window shield of his taxi. Yet the two cant pay for the damages, so Jim gives them his card and tells them to phone him when they have the cash.

After a near death experience Gillian and Charlene meet The Black Rose (Teresa Mo). The Black Rose is a Superhero in hiding; she is continually trying to stop the dreaded LavensCan Gang Which consists of four lovely ladies, all of them deadly. Their leader also happens to be Roses daughter, played by Model Faith Woo.

Rose also has her own pet robot. Yes, known as ‘Jacket’ it’s a simple machine that protects Rose and the Twins from any males and is programmed to destroy and ‘dick-like’ object, yes ‘dick-like’.

Protégé De La Rose Noire is a combination of wacky, silly, humorous, giggly, childish comedy. If you cant really imagine it, it tends to remind you of ‘The Sixty Million Dollar Man’ with Stephen Chow. Mixed with ‘The Twins Effect’ which also starred Ekin Cheng and The Twins, with Donnie Yen as action director.

This film seems to be a bit of a let down to everyone in the film, which is a shame really. I think Donnie Yens attempt to tackle the Comedy genre wasn’t for the best. Twins effect had the mix of action and comedy, which worked well and even helped it pick up over 9 different awards!

Protégé De La Rose Noire is worth a watch. A quote from my friend ‘Watch able for the pure Eye Candy’. The even has a little of Kill Bill feel to it, with a schoolgirl baddy and the guitar playing in the background. So if you like to see The Twins in a bubble bath and Ekin Cheng dressed up as Robin feel free to watch this flick!