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Tag: Supernatural

Podcast On Fire 254: Where’s Officer Tuba? & The Champions

Sammo Hung is haunted by alpha male superstar cop David Chiang, tries to romance Joey Wong and gets the crap beaten out of him by Hwang Jang-Lee in Where’s Officer Tuba from 1986 and Yuen Biao plays soccer with the Yuen Clan in The Champions. With Kenny B and the official travelling man of the network: Hong Kong Dave.

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The Director’s Series 16: David Chiang – Mr. Handsome


We continue analyzing the filmography of martial arts superstar turned director David Chiang and past wacky Wuxia parody and comedy slasher hybrids, we find Chiang in a latter 80s half of Hong Kong cinema. Producing frequently and more even-termpered as he lets Bill Tung and Lydia Shum mostly lead his straightly made frames. If that’s a good thing or not, find out as we take a look at David Chiang’s Mr. Handsome.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Quick-Takes of Silent Love and Double Fattiness
17m 19s – Richard Ng biography/discussion
27m 53s – Mr. Handsome review

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Hong Kong X-Files (1998)

During the Ghost Festival a vengeful sprit appears and begins murdering men who regularly visit ‘Horny Keung’s Sauna Saloon’. Horny Keung is talented in the art of black magic and is very superstitious when it comes to wondering spirits. Keung also uses his black magic to control his masseurs, turning from masseurs into rapid sex machines, making his Saloon the best in Hong Kong.

Although after the first gruesome murder (a sleazy middle aged man had his penis ripped off) the police are called in to check this case out. Mui (Chin Kar-Lok) and Ben (Bowie Lam) are just plain confused by this murder, no man has the power to rip of limbs, so Mui starts to question is their is ghosts haunting the sauna. Ben being the traditional stubborn cop doesn’t give Mui’s suggestion a second thought.

The next night Mui returns to the Sauna to question a couple of the masseurs, although one of them trick and uses a strand of his pubic hair to cast put him under a spell. Horny Keung entraps Mui with the dire spell of blocking up Mui’s ass, leaving him very constipated. Although the masseur who mistreated Mui soon becomes very attached to him after he and Ben saved her from a gang rape from Keungs men.

The Masseur tells Mui and Ben about May, the ghost who is terrorizing the men at the sauna. May’s husband, Peter got tricked by Keung, leaving hi in the debt of 5 Million, yet she was unable to them. Peter attempted to escape and ended up getting murdered and May was raped then drowned, luckily enough May didn’t die, but she has ended up in a coma. Now her sprit is killing off Keungs men, seeking vengeance. But everything her sprit leaves her body she has less chance of recovering….

The only way of contacting May now is through a elderly/ghostly kung fu fighting doctor! Read More

Hocus Pocus (1984)


Plot: A superstitious peeking opera team leader (Lam Ching-Ying) and his opera troupe become haunted by a ghost (actually played the director), when they accidentally perform their shows over the sprits grave.

Lam Ching-Ying plays the role of Mr. Sheng. After a past experience with Ghosts, Sheng has become very superstitious when it comes to the dead. Lam seems to handle the role with ease, the strict master feel. Although this film was done one year before the beloved Mr. Vampire. We even see Lam sporting the fuzzy/hedgehog hair style too.

Peeking Opera performers, Kuei (Tung Wai), Piao (Peter Chan) and Fung Lee (a.k.a. Kay Lay, A member of Sammo’s stunt group). Along with some other faces they spend most of their time showing off or playing pranks on one another. Although they accidentally disturb the odd ghost along the way. One other member of the group, Chia, who is known to steal the show is constantly. He turns out to be mocked and joked on by the others the most. But Chia looses his temper easy and gives out suddenly burst of energy and gives them a beating!

The main trouble causer of the film is a bullied ghost. Although having the body of a man (director – Chin Yuet Sang) the characters dialogue is all readout in a women’s voice. This spirits introduction explains that he is a lonely spirit, who is bullied by the others, so she is forced to return to earth. Read More