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Tag: Raymond Wong

Podcast On Fire 322: The Enigmatic Case & Seven Years Itch

Johnnie To makes his first and second film. Neither are called or are like The Mission. From 1980 we find the martial arts mystery film The Enigmatic Case and writer/producer/star Raymond Wong has To call action and cut for his marital farce Seven Years Itch. With Kenny B and Paul Fox of the East Screen West Screen podcast.

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Running Times:

00m 00s – Intro/Johnnie To’s early career/box office.
14m 55s – The Enigmatic Case review.
49m 28s – Seven Years Itch box office.
54m 14s – Seven Years Itch review.

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The Director’s Series 11: Kirk Wong – True Colours & Gunmen


Past the weirder more experimental side of Kirk Wong, 1986’s True Colours and 1988’s Gunmen represents something more traditional: The brotherhood, romance, gunplay mashup and in the case of the latter, a low budget period effort in the vein of Untouchables but also in the vein of violent action and firey mayhem with a detailed, loving clash between producer and director.

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Running Times:
08m 12s – Raymond Wong biography/discussion
17m 15s – Ti Lung biography/discussion
28m 25s – True Colours review/discussion
52m 33s – Gunmen background
61m 50s – Gunmen review/discussion

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