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Tag: Once upon a time in a Triad Society

This Week In Sleaze 18: The Untold Story & The Rapist


We’re back into the shameless exploitation era of 1990s Hong Kong cinema where true crime was the name of the game! Double billing two horrific crimes on film with an award winning performance attached to one of them, Sleazy K and The Great Lord Joshua Regal in this episode discusses The Untold Story and The Rapist.

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Running Times:
00m 00s – Intro/Anthony Wong bio/discussion
18m 35s – Herman Yau bio/discussion
24m 02s – The Untold Story review
65m 50s – Tuen Mun Rapist background
77m 36s – Cha Chuen-yee bio/discussion
80m 25s – The Rapist review

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Young and Dangerous: Hung Hing in depth…

This is hopefully the first Young & Dangerous article to those who haven’t the slightest clue about this amazing series of table tossing triads and reoccurring nemeses. Yes everything from triad lackey Chan Ho-Nam to the legendary nose picker – Tai Fai is explained here. Read More

Podcast On Fire 56: Who’s an exciting engine for Hong Kong cinema? Not Jay Chou.


The Magnificent Trio of Stoo, Ken, Mike (or James) gather up for a trailer round-up, including a look at what should’ve been the name of Dolph Lundgren’s latest movie but is a new Thai offering instead… with cleavage. Director Benny Chan’s early career is contrasted against his current and Soi Cheang’s Accident is soon upon us so it’s time to highlight this acclaimed, exciting engine of Hong Kong cinema.

Mikes Trailers – The Treasure Hunter Trailer | The Vanquisher Trailer