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Tag: Mr Vampire Saga 4

Podcast on Fire 85: Vampire Season #3 – Mr. Vampire III (1987) & Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (1988)

The ‘Vampire Season’ is growing legs and so was the Hong Kong vampire genre as you’ll find out as Stoo and Ken go in depth on Mr. Vampire III (that took a dark turn) and Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (that took an unexpected casting turn). Note that at the 53 minute 40 second mark there is a stoppage in audio as Ken talks of Loletta Lee and it’ll pick up as he speaks about Chin Kar-lok. This is due to a piece of small audio being lost during recording. Sorry about that.

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Podcast On Fire 53: The John Kreng Interview Part 1 + body fluids


Before the main attraction, Stoo and Ken go over Last Movies Watched and beware that the word sperm is going to be used frequently as Ken dissects Andrew Lau’s Lover Of The Last Empress (clip imbedded below of the best bit from the film) while Stoo has opened his present from Mike Banner. Also featuring part 1 of Stoo’s interview with John Kreng, action choreographer and author of “Fight Choreography: The Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue”. For this show, John takes us back to the set of Tsui Hark’s The Master (starring Jet Li). Read More

Mr. Vampire Saga 4 (1988)


Limbo dancing? A Golden Coffin? Wu Ma and Anthony Chan fighting like children? Chin Kar-Lok stuffing fish down his pants!? It must be Mr. Vampire Saga 4! Sadly missing Lam Ching-Ying as the memorable Mr. Kau, but he’s replaced by the witty Mr. Yi Yu (Wu Ma) and his little assistant Ching Ching (Rachael Lee). Upon his arrival back to his old home Yi Yu notices a young man stuffing fish down his pants!?

Don’t worry this isn’t some sick fetish, it seems to be Chia-le (Chin Kar-Lok). Poor Chia-le takes a beaten in the film as he accidentally grabs Ching Ching’s ‘your small, but shapely’ chest. Although he Chia-le throughout shows off some impressive acrobatics along with some good kicks. But, Chia-le isn’t the neighbor that Yi Yu should be worried about. The four eyed toaist priest (Anthony Chan, from the first Mr. Vampire film) who makes a rather amusing introduction sitting on top a conga line of hopping corpses, who are also mean break dancer! Read More