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Tag: Legend of the Wolf

Podcast On Fire Network Bonus Episode 36: Members Only Archive Dusted #14

Consisting of outtakes and deleted material (previously only available to forum members) out of Podcast On Fire 47, 48 and 49 with Stoo, Kenny B, Mike Banner and Adam Torel of Third Window Films from 2009, this collection feature tangents and outtakes concerning then current release news from CineAsia, Drunken Master II, awards season, annoying comedy-actors, classic Korean cinema such as JSA, how Ken got burned by an ebay seller and we weigh in (probably yet again) on the Edison Chen photo-scandal.

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Podcast On Fire 49: Collecting, buying, watching… which category are you?


Adam Torel of Third Window Films join the trio after a barrage of heat and films at the Cannes Film Festival to talk of impressions of Thirst, the new film from Chan Wook-Park. Him AND Ken weigh in on the Casshern-war and issues of collecting limited editions, out of print dvd’s etc. gets a discussion where YOU the listener might finally find out if you’re insane, a collector or somewhere in between. The discussion doesn’t end just because the plugging starts either. Remember that.

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Legend of the Wolf (1997)

Hey another really old Stoo Review, bare with me.

The Plot: Donnie Yen plays Man Hin, He suffered from amnesia that he contracted while fighting with a group of bandits through the opening sequences. With only glimpses of his past as his guide, he seeks out a woman he once knew and must defend her and the local villagers from bandits with the help of local youth ‘Wai’.

Personal Thought: When I first received this movie through the post, I quickly put it in my DVD player and waited in anticipation to see Donnie Yen. Just after the opening fight sequences I was hit, I knew this film was great. I was then stunned with a good battle between Dayo Wong and two local farmers, yet it turned into an amazing fight sequence with Donnie Yen and a group of Ben Lam’s Bandits. The film soon develops into a tale of Man Hin looking for his lost love, Wu Yee played by Carman Lee. Also with the amazing battle royal with the villagers fighting against the bandits, led by Ben Lam. This film has taken Donnie Yen to higher level, but the film has a terrific twist in the end to do with Carman and Ben. He he he. And I must say no one else could the role of the bandit leader apart from Ben Lam!